BLT Love

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I love a BLT.  

Gotta be a real one though.  BLTs are go big or go home. No turkey bacon or light wheat bread.  No, no.  That's just cray.  

Real bacon!
Slicing loaf from the Mockingbird Bakery!

Heirloom tomatoes from the farmers market!
This is a Cherokee purple and it was the business.

And mayonnaise!  Ok, so I used light mayo but that's only because I used all my real mayonnaise for that macaroni salad.

And lettuce!  I just rocked a plain old head 'o lettuce.  No biggie.  

All of this comes together to make one of the top summer treats, ever.  
Happiness.  Pure happiness.  

How do you do your BLT?   

Bread: 4 pp for 2 slices
Tomato: 0 pp
Bacon: 3 pp for 2 strips
Mayonaise: Mayo heavy is 2 pp for 1 tsp, Mayo light is 1 pp for 2 tsp

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  1. we were gifted some beaver dam tomatoes today and i just returned from the DG with a pack o bacon. great minds think alike! i BLT similarly, but with a toastier bread and some kind of omega-fake mayo.