A Few on Friday

I fnished my quilt.  I feel like I've given birth.  Those of you who have actually given birth are probably more than a little annoyed by that statement. Sorry.  But not sorry enough to backspace.  At the beginning, it was exciting!  A new experience!  A challenge! Towards the end, I just wanted it to be over.  To see the finished produce of what I'd been working so hard on for so long.  To hold it in my hands, feel its warmth, give it a place in my home.  Snuggle with it.   

Oh wait.  That's nothing like giving birth?  I'm just being dramatic?  Ah, got it. 

Regardless of what the experience was like, 'tis over.  Isn't she a beauty?  She's also a hot mess.  HOT MESS.  The corners, the stiching, the binding.  But it's mine and I love it.  I'll post soon about the process and with some better pictures.  But no pictures of the corners.  As I said before...hot mess.    
Here I am, curled up under it, watching Independence Day.  Did you know that any movie in which Will Smith (or anyone for that matter) saves the world from destruction is my favorite?  Little Friday factoid for you.  That's the part when the president is reclaiming his roots as a fighter pilot and getting ready to whip so alien tail.  Get it, Mr. President.  Get. It.
And here is Brandon, eating an orange popcicle.  He is telling me that we are out, I am telling him that he should put it on the grocery list, he is telling me that he'll just keep telling me every day so that i'll remember.  He's also telling me to please stop taking his picture.  But with his face, not with his mouth.  He doesn't have to say it outloud anymore, I'm fully aware of how he feels about having his picture taken. 
Here are my zinnias.  I've been patiently watching them and watering them and giving them poistive feedback all summer.  I spotted these two little  nubs Wednesday morning while makeing a macaroni salad.  I lept outside and welcomed them to the world.  Keep on growing, kids.
I'd sure love to have a field from which I could cut fresh flowers all the time!  Maybe we could have a community garden in Greenwood.  Maybe I've already emailed that suggestion to someone this this morning!  Went to a GLYP Social Event at Main Street Greenwood last night, this list of down town suggestions made me feel very jazzed. 
Three cheers for the young folks caring about small town America. 

And three cheers for Saint Dymphna. I learned this morning that she is the patron saint of the mentally ill.  Since I am a counselor, I appreciate this.  I might get myself a statue.  Just because I'm not Catholic, doesn't mean I can't kick it with a saint from time to time!  Her story is quite interesting, you should check it out.

And while we are three cheers-ing, let's give three for this guy: Bo Bissett.  Bo is traveling the country by bike.  He spent some time in Greenwood over the Fourth, we attended the same pool party.  You can follow his adventures here.  Maybe donate a little cash to said adventures.  Maybe say a little prayer for his safe travels and core body tempreture.

And maybe, just maybe, have a good weekend.  Woop woop!  

You guys rock.    

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  1. Nice to meet you. Glad I got to stop in Greenwood. Had a blast.
    Made it to Pine Bluff early this morning. Have a great weekend, Laura!