A Few on Friday

Hello hello hello sweet friends!  Happy Friday!  Here are a few things...

First, the bad. 

I'm currently working through the grief process associated with the death of my computer.  There's been denial (if i keep pressing this button, I bet it will fix itself), anger (stupid PC), bargaining (OK just turn on long enough to make sure all of my pictures are safely on shutterfly!), despair (how am I going to write my blog posts or balance my checkbook??), acceptance (it is so).  A quick grief process, but a grief process none the less. 
The old girl and I were together for a little over five years; I think that's pretty good for a dell laptop.  I got her right before I moved to Greenwood.  We started the blog together, planned my wedding together, developed a pinterest addiction together.  We've had a good run.  It was an expected death but still one that I don't like.  Remember that time I was going to get an external hard drive?  Yeah.  I never did.  But the IT guy at works thinks that I can get one now and somehow extract all my music.  To know me is to know that I have a wicked awesome itunes collection; fingas crossed I can save it! 

Brandon and I are going to purchase a mac book in the next month or so.  Bare with me as we go back to cell  phone pictures of food.  Thankfully, I've got scheduled posts through next week.  And it's about right that the computer died.  A large picture fell on top of my light box and it is now slightly crushed.  Kind of a hot mess right now. 

Lesson of the day:  back your stuff up.  

Sooooo today is Friday the 13.  I am by nature kind of superstitious.  However, superstitions can make a person go a little nuts so I make a conscious effort to try to be less so.  That being said, today is the perfect day to indulge in a few old wives tales.  

For example: 

You have to burn your hair after you cut it or else the birds will take it and weave it into their nest, thus giving you horrid headaches.

If you see a spider on the morning of Friday the 13th, don't worry.  It's just a deceased loved one checking up on you.  (You wont believe me, but I swear this happened to me once.)

It's bad luck to put your shoes on a table AND to allow your silverware to cross.

To keep evil spirits away from your house, walk around your house backwards at sunset on Friday the 13 (or is it Halloween?) a few times.  (I might not have that one exactly right.)

Those are just the ones that I can think of off the top of my head!  Here are a few links to some others if you are interested:

Here and Here and Here

So enough about grief and Friday the 13.  How about some good stuff?  Liiiike nail polish!
I've never really been a nail polish gal.  Mainly because it would usually chip 45 minutes after painting them.  Well.  Gotta give a thanks to my girl Mary Neff for cluing me in to Sally Henson Salon Manicure Top Coat.  It is absolutely the business. I painted my nails on Sunday and it lasted until Thursday!  It could have gone past Thursday but I wanted a fresh coat to take me into the weekend. I'm not officially a fresh coat for the weekend kind of gal!  Don't get me started on the fall.  I've got a navy that I can't wait to pull out!  

Another good stuff....we McCaleb's have started recycling!
Greenwood has offered recycling services for a while but I've never known much about it.  I was educated by some friends earlier in the week and am excited to get into it.  I've got my bin for aluminum and past and my bin for mixed paper.  I'm not quite sure if I understand the mixed paper but I'm trying my best.  Feels nice to do something good for Ole Mother Earth.  If you understand mixed paper, please feel free to give me a lesson!

In movie news, I watched The Descendants last night.  I'm  usually not one to love a movie.  However, my herz-band loves a movie.  I will usually sit in there with him and read a book while he watches; last night, however, this one got and held my attention. 

It's not a feel good movie really but it's a great story of conflict and resolution and real life.  The dialogue is witty, the acting is great, the characters are real.  Two thumbs up; I'd watch it again!  That's saying a lot. 
Happy day!  Have a great weekend! I hope you rock out to this song....it was one of my way to work jams and it kind of was a morning changer. 

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  1. it's not only bad luck to put shoes on the table, it's bad manners.