Lemon Infused Olive Oil

If you read yesterday, you might have noticed that the couscous salad called for lemon infused olive oil.  If you noticed that, you might have thought "Huh!  How'd she do that??"

If you thought that, then you are in luck!  It's super easy!  

Just get yourself three lemons.  Wash them real real good. 
Take your knife and cut the rind away from the flesh. Put those pieces in a small food processor and pour 1 cup of olive oil in there with it.  

Have you even taken a picture of yourself trying to do something?  It's funny.  It always ends with me getting really tickled with myself and almost dropping something.  Like my camera.  PTL for that neck strap.  
Pulse everything up real good.  Pour it into a jar and let it hang out at room temp for about an hour.  
Strain this flavor party through a mesh strainer.  I didn't have one.  Luckily, Brandon had run downtown for a second so I called him to pick me up one from the Viking Cooking School.  He returned home, smurk on face, and proclaimed, "I good!  Another strainer!"  I didn't even try to explain the difference between a mesh strainer and a colander and instead just told him that he couldn't have any of the olive oil when it was done.  

I never said I was mature. 

Ok so you pour it through your strainer and into a jar.  Or something bigger than a jar.  Because this happens if you try to use a small mason jar: 
Lemony oily mess = worth it.  

PS I used this recipe for the process.  


  1. anita gave me some blood orange infused oil and it smells AMAZING!!!

  2. i'm impressed by all the new recipes you try. i bet this would be really good with a little French bread dipped in it.