The Mighty Mississippi

Dear Mississippi River,

You scare the bejeezus out of me. 

You are big, lazy, and mean. You almost got me a few times, like when that storm caught us off guard or when we ran out of gas in the middle of your wide self.  One day, I swear, I will paddle you in a canoe with all my friends.   

You are also beautiful and inspiring.  You set the stage for good times with your sand bars and stuff.  Without you, the high school me would have never experienced The Pretty Place.

You are part of what makes our corner of the world so mysterious, a connector of all who can claim roots in this part of the Delta.  Something I can't quite but my finger on, but understand regardless.

You make people call us "river rats" and sunsets take my breath away.  A symbol of strength and quiet power.  A representation of a people that are kind of strong and kind of crazy. 

I cannot wait to run across you in February!


The Inaugural Mississippi River Half Marathon and Marathon

Let's do this friends!  Let's run this together!  Who's in?


  1. Oooh I kind of want to do this!! Maybe I can talk one of my sisters into doing it, too... it can be a mini family reunion! Not gonna lie... the 'one of the flattest courses in North America' line really caught my attention!