A Few on Friday

Hey, kids.  Let's talk about things that are awesome. 

For starters...check out these red hot mamas and their baby boys!  
Just a few of my dearest (and oldest!) friends.  Being moms and making it look awesome!  Val (baby boy in the orange shirt) was celebrating his big brothers birthday.  The rest of the kids were just there, rocking their bandannas like champs.  Love every second I get to spend with these stinkers and proud of these girls for the mothers (and women!) that they have morphed into. 

We can't skip over this:

Pull out the prairie skirts, peeps, this shizz is going down at the end of August! So excited that the herz-band and I get to experience this together along with so many good friends.    

Eeeeeeeee!  Which is code for ohmygoshiamsoexcitedimightwetmypants....

I'm also pretty darn pumped about this:
Just when you think that Greek yogurt can't get anymore awesome...it does.  

Thanks, Ben and Jerry's.  Thank a bunch.  I'm totally OK with finding myself lingering at the freezer, spoon in hand and happy. 1/2 cup for 6 pp.  WORTH IT.   

It's got protein in it which means that it's an armored calorie and healthy.  So there.  

Speaking of healthy, this is horrible.  But in a good way.
So there's this section of the workout where you have to do a series of chaturanga push ups.  Since I have the upper body strength of a dorito, I spend this time resting on my mat, covering my eyes out of fear that Jillian is going to bust into my house at any moment and chastise me for not being comfortable with being uncomfortable.  

I hope you'll spend 10$ on this workout video and join me in my misery. You can get it at the wal mart. 

So another thing that is awesome...my battery died last Friday.  Well, it was not awesome in that moment but it turned out all okay.  I got my battery replaced without incident AND had to redo all of my XM presets on my radio.  At first, I viewed this as an annoyance.  Then, I decided to embrace it and add some new stuff to the lineup.  So refreshing!  Grateful Dead Radio, Alt Nation, The Loft are just a few of the new ones I've been jamming to. 

I heard this little beauty on Alt Nation on my drive to work this week...three cheers for music! 
And three cheers to a wonderful weekend!  Fun stuff on deck including the baby girl's THIRD birthday party and the Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival.  Hello Patty Griffin!  Oh, and Robert Plant....


Oh.  I almost forgot.  Your weekly dose of Big Browne love.  Here he is trying to hip check Brandon in order to get into the house. 
And here he is just after hip checking me to try to get in the front door.  He's annoyed because I won't let him in the house.  Not so annoyed, though, that he's not going to crawl back under the house.  But more on that next week...


  1. I want to squnch Big Browne's face SO BADLY!

  2. Blog hopping and came to your wonderful blog... My 3 friends and I are all pregnant with boys! We are so excited to share our adventure together:) Going to catch up some more!