A Few on Friday

Sooooo.  If you aren't doing anything.  You should click here, enter your email address and sign up for this fabric give away.  This is one of my favorite sites and I really really really need a fat quarter bundle of this fabric.  But wait!  If you win, you have to give it to me. Thems the rules. 
Another thing you can do if you aren't doing anything is check out Rich Kids of Instagram.  I know, I know...websites that promote this type of tomfoolery are what's wrong with our world today.  I get it.  I tell myself that this is fascinating social research. I'm putting it on my google reader only until it starts to make me nauseous.  Which probably wont be to long. 

But really.  Using the hashtag "wealth" is one of the more disgusting/amazing/fascinating/ridiculous things ever.  Would you agree?

Y'all. Nauseous is a really hard word to spell.

OK and now I'm starting to have this thought:

"Laura Merrill. How would you feel if someone devoted a site to making fun of you?  You probably wouldn't feel good."

Quite the moral delimma. 

Deciding on whether or not this is going to be good stuff is not a delimma.
Riase your hand if you still freaking LOVE Girl Talk with all of your heart.  Mine's up.  Way up.  Run to it often. Ran to it this morning.   

Will probably also being running to this over the next week. It's the download from the Wednesday night Phish show in Long Beach, CA.  Why did I pick that show to download? Well.  Because people seemed to be really fired up about it. And by people, I mean the people that are on the intense email chain that I'm a part of preparing for next weekend. And by intense I mean whoa.  

Pardon me whilst I noodle dance.

Why don't you join me?  

No?  Fine.  

OK so what else?  

I'm trying to will fall to come early by wearing boots to work.  It didn't work Thursday.  All it did was leave me with some darn sweaty feet and a moderate level of anxiety.  I've got them on today with high hopes.  We shall see.

Speaking of boots...this is the fall I purchase Frye boots.  And booties.  I've been anti-booties for a while but think I'm going to give them a go this year.  A friend of mine posted a pair for sale at her store on Instagram recently and I think they are the ones for me .  

But I can't prove it to you because I don't have a picture of them.  Or a brand name.  Or really any information on them at all. 

Well, I'm off to eat my yogurt and start my day!  Happy Friday to you all.  I hope you love today with all of your heart....  


  1. Just discovered the Rich Kid/ Instagram thing & I thought it was a total joke- no? These people are for reals? I am so behind. :) I am with ya on the fall boot thing- took mine with me to CO b/c I was so excited about 60 degree weather, but I only got to wear them once. Just took the dive & ordered me some Lucchese's! I am sending vibes to FedEx to get them to me 2 days early. Not that I will be able to wear them this weekend, but it will just be nice to stare at them and hug them over and over and picture us doing great things together. Have a great weekend & it was awesome seeing you last Sat. at the fest!

  2. I love me some girl talk. Perfect for exercising. And Stephen loves Phish. He's going to the Birmingham concert this weekend. He became a fan just last year at the ripe age of 30.