A Few on Friday

The following things are facts:

:: He is a precious angel baby face. 
:: I am suuuuuuuuper excited about the Phish concert this weekend.  Like multiple u's excited.  We are in section 204.  Or 204.  Or something.  I can't even talk about it anymore.  And I'm scared I'm going to forget the tickets!  Someone text me and tell me not to forget the tickets... 
::I really really really want to eat this:
You can find the recipe here.  Why do I love such fatty-boom-ba-lattie food?  Who knows.  Who. Knows.  Let's all set a date to make this, shall we? 

:: I'm going to miss my daily trip to McDonalds for coffee.  You see, my keurig bit the dust and I've been waiting on this trip to Birmingham to get a new one.  We have wedding credit and a gift certificate.  Oh, and I'm cheap.  While I'm looking forward to being able to brew in the comfort of my own home, I've bonded with the gal that gives me my change and have enjoyed spying on the old men while they gossip and I wait in line.  The things we get used to doing. 

::  My dad turned 60 yesterday.  SIXTY.  That is old but awesome.  Here is a photo of me and him and Chickey and Jen.
You like that picture of a picture, huh?  I have all kinds of family jewels stashed on my shutterfly account.  I like to look at them randomly when I'm bored.  Check it....bangs.  Mom claims they were "Just so easy!" to maintain.  Yeah.  It's all fun and games until you have to grow them out.

That is all.

Have a great weekend!!  You guys rock!


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