A Few on Friday

Hey hey!  How are things? 

Hope they're awesome. 

Anyone want to give this a try?  I often attempt things like this but then laze out and never finish them. Maybe I'll have more luck with this one!  Read more about it here!  Join me.  It could be fun.  If you're on instagram, I'm laurammccaleb.  Give me a follow!
I might need to go to exclamation point rehab!

Here's a Friday funny mental picture for you...

My co-dependent self often worries if Big Browne is suffering from a slight bit of depression since he doesn't get to roam the streets anymore.  Then, I remind my self that A) living in our house is probably better than living under our house and that B) Akita's enjoy being part of a family and actually do much better living inside and that C) Akita's are kind of aloof so he's not depressed, he's just ignoring me.  

With all of this being said, I take him on several walks a day to ensure his happiness. Sometimes, these are cardio in nature.  Most of the time, he sniffs and pees and meanders.  All of the time, these outings end with the two of us in a stand off, me wanting to go one direction (home), him wanting to go another direction (down just one more street.)  These usually go down at an intersection.  He stands there, smiling, tail slowly wagging, reminding me that he's the one that weighs 113 pounds.  

I walk to him, give him a few encouraging words and a pat on the head, and try again.  This generally does not work and at this point, people are starting to stare.  

I then scream "BIG BROWNE COME!" and then sometimes "BB, AQUI!"

(BB is short for Big Brown, Aqui is Spanish for "here" and a play on the word Akita.  I have a lot of spare time on my hands, y'all.)

People are now starting to point and wonder who is going to win.

In an attempt to reclaim my spot as pack leader, I walk to him, but him in a bear hug of sorts and attempt to scoot him out of the middle of the intersection.  It's at this point that he usually pops that tail up, grins and goes into a trot along beside me.  Well, a trot-ish walk.  A sloooow trot-ish walk. 

He also doesn't appear to be bothered by the rain and looked at me like I was insane when I was ready to go in on Thursday morning.  

Oh, Big Browne.  You kill me.

You know what else kill me? 

How excited I am about 300 Oaks this year!  Chickey is coming to town to run the race, as are my good friends Emily and Brian.  Emily and I have been friends since we were in elementary school and lived together for most of college.  If you would have told me 10 years ago that we would be running in a 10K together I would have told you that you were absolutely insane.  We did a lot of things as roommates, engaging in healthy activies was not one of them.  

Except for that time that we took karate together at Delta State.    

I'm a green stripe.  

Don't mess with me.

Stop laughing.  

Me, I can't really laugh.  Why?  Because I have a big 'ole crick in my neck.  This means I have to limit my movement as much as possible.  I'm doing a lot of twisting at the waist, belly button in and core pulled tight.  It's my ab work for today. 

My ab work yesterday consisted of the power yoga dvd.  For 15 minutes of the 34 minute DVD, Big Browne joined me on the mat.  The sun salutations appeared to concern him. 

OK, I'll stop talking about the dog now. 

I'll just post pictures of dog treats that I may or may not make this weekend. 
find it here

  find it here

Happy day, friends!  Make it a good one!


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