Cookbook Club :: Mango Corn and Black Bean Salad


It's good stuff, y'all.  You should start one.  Seriously.  Good stuff.  

While I was to busy stuffing my face to snap pictures of everything, here are a few shots that I did get.  

Pretty zinnias + some crazy something or other growing in my front yard.   
Vino! On elephant napkins!  Perfection.  Oh and PS?  Those wine to go glasses are absolutely where it's at.  Head on over to the Viking Store and pick some up.  
A mango chutney dip.  Apps.  Always a good thing. 
Mango Chutney dip is almost gone.  Bring on the guac!  This guac had mayonnaise in it.  Keep it weird, Prime Meridian.  Keep it weird. 
Here's my dish.  I had salad and went the way of a mango, black bean and corn situation.  This is almost the same dish I shared with you fine folks last week but not quite.  This one was so good!  I had it for lunch the next day, too, and was not disappointed.  
In additional to these fine dishes there, there was chicken and pasta and tomato pie (oh my!). Don't forget the strawberry pie and the specialty cocktail.  The name of the specialty cocktail escapes me at this time but I can tell you that it was pretty much just bourbon and lemon.  Ginny, the maker of said cocktail, described it perfectly when she said "it doesn't sneak up on you, that's for sure!  You know exactly what you are drinking." 

True that, girl.  True that.  

And now...the salad!

Black Bean and Mango Salad
from Prime Meridian

1 package of dry Italian dressing mix
16 oz canned black beans, drained and rinsed
10 oz frozen corn, thawed
1 cup chopped mango (I just used one mango)
1/2 cup chopped bell pepper, red
1/3 cup chopped purple onions
1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro
1/4 cup lime juice

Combine all ingredients and refrigerate.  

I hate I didn't get the serving size on this one!  It would be a perfect WW situation.  Oh, well.  Win some, loose some.  

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