Recent Shenanigans

Hey!  It's Thursday!  Let's look at some pics. 

Here's me and the mister in the lot before the Phish show.  I'll forever keep this one in a frame in our house when we have kids to remind them that their parents are, in fact, awesome. 
Here's one of Brandon and Brian, my BF Emily's husband . I was glad they had each other as they kind acted as side kicks for each other.  And they carried the cooler. And they allowed Emily and I to get a good visit.  And Brian ensured us that the larger than life storm cloud that appeared to be headed straight for us was in fact going the other way.  He's a farmer.  He knows these things.
Here's a shot of the jumbo tron during the show.  Our seats were pretty good.  However, I'd forgotten my eye classes which led to a fair amount of straining on my part. PTL for that screen!

Towards later part of the show, Brandon and I spotted a gathering of our friends by a beer stand (typical) and decided to dance/stand/visit with them.  This led to some good group noodling.   
Oh Phish.  I'm glad I can cross you off my bucket list and I can not wait to go back!  Next time, however, I'm not missing out on some sort of hippy wrap sandwich in the lot. 

You know who doesn't like hippy wrap sandwiches?  This girl.  She does however, where a chocolate cake hat well.  That's saying something.
 Here's a group of all the sisters before Dad's birthday dinner at Lusco's!  Good looking bunch, eh?
 Way to go Chickey for making this photo collage!  Get it, sister! Check out those v-is-for-victory arms dad is throwing up after that amazing candle blow out!
 Here's a shot of Chickey and JMJ.  They were watching a video on the youtube about a young women that looses her wig after flying to high on a swing set. 

"It's to high, Jurlissa."  So from now on, Chickey will also be known as "Jurlissa."
 And here are me and B again...traveling to the Lusco's.  It's a special place for us, we had our first date there and have celebrated many a momentous occasion there.  Good times.  Good times.  Good man, good man.
Let's wrap this up with something so cute it will make your head spin.  Alex and MK met Big Browne for the first time over the weekend. Alex was pretty jazzed and even made my mom pretend like she was Big Browne when Alex called her with her shoe.  (Kids.  Heck yeah.).

Upon meeting Mr. Browne, Alex immediately announced she was ready to go. Seemed a little concerned about his size and the fact that he kind of looks like a lion.  However, I got in the floor with them and she was able to see that he really is a sweet baby boy and nothing to be afraid of.  Towards the end of the visit he even started to paw at her which is BB speak for "Hey.  I think you're awesome.  Got any ham?" 

She spent the next while hugging him and petting him and telling him all about her dog, Carter.  BB may or may not have attempted to stalk and subsequently eat Carter when we went outside.  PTL for leashes always being involved in every situation.

I know this picture is blurry but I freaking love it! 
Happy Thursday people!  Hope you enjoyed this little photo dump. 

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  1. So glad you guys had fun & yes, your future children will never have any reason to doubt that their parents are awesome. The moment Hutch tells me that I am the uncoolest Mom ever, I can't wait to fire back that I took him to his first concert when he was in my belly, and that concert was Widespread Panic. We will forget the fact that I left saying, "who goes to a Widespread Panic concert pregnant?" Anyhoo..glad y'all had fun! AND, love the pic of you 3 pretty girls!