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Oh, today.  What's with today?  It's one of those days.  Around every corner there's something.  Something sad.  Something frustrating.  Something making you want to throw your hands in the air and scream:


Sorry, Mom.  "Heck" just wouldn't have had the same affect.  

Do you have those days?  Surely you do.  Please.  Tell me you do.  

On my drive home from work, my mind wandered to a daily meditation that I read recently.  It talked about being grateful.  Not just grateful for the good times but being grateful for all times.  Even the times when you want to throw things at people.  And stomp.  And make personal insults.   

It's true.  Gratitude isn't conditional.  It can't just happen when things are going my way.  It has to happen all the time.  Being grateful for all lessons and all times and all things is some pretty powerful stuff.  It's eye opening, for realz.  

While practicing my gratitude (through gritted teeth, I must admit), I'm going to open my eyes to the good around me. Liiiiiiike:

-  I purchased a really expensive book from Amazon.  Then I realized it was the wrong book.  It came in today.  I can return it!  Woo!

-  Touch of Gray was the first song on deck when I turned on Pandora.  I will get by!  Woo!

So.  I'm going to continue to jam out to the Dead, clean my floors, unload my dishwasher, go eat a burger with my husband, do that stupid yoga video and get over myself.  

YOU are going to help me with that last part.  Tell me.  What good has happened to you today?  What has restored your faith in humanity, given  you hope or at the very least, made you feel less annoyed than you felt yesterday?

Put some good energy out in the world people!  Hit me up in the comments! 

Seriously.  Love  you readers, who ever you are, more than cheese grits.   

"When you think everything is someone else's fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy."

 - The Dalai Lama  

I just got burned by the Dalai Lama.   


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  1. Have a kid! They make everything ok!! For real but also what helps me is actually waking up in the morning (some people don't, you know). I try everyday to say I'm thankful to be alive and healthy and it makes all the bummers disappear :) happy day! Also keep jammin that music cause its good for the soul!