Tight Squeeze

Hey, where's Big Browne? 

Oh, there you are!
Chilling under the house, huh?  Nice and cool under there I bet.
 Come on out, buddy!
Tight squeeze....
There you go!  

I'm going to write a children's book one day and it's going to start out like this:

Once upon a time, there was a 113 pound Akita that lived under a house. 

I don't have the rest yet.  Not quite sure how this story will end!  I do, however, feel confident that this Big (Browne) Man will be ok where ever he lands.  He seems to be pretty good at taking care of himself.  

Whatever happens, though, we McCalebs have learned that we are for sure ready for a pup!  Or a 7 year old dog.  Or something.     

1 comment:

  1. Rescue dogs are the bestest! Both of ours were older and came to us already house-trained. A necessity with two working folks. I'm also CONVINCED that they are easier to train in terms of the basic manners all doggies should possess because they are 1) GRATEFUL and 2) FOOD MOTIVATED.

    The search can be heart-breaking, but totally worth it!