2012 300 Oaks

300 Oaks is reason number 48 that I L-O-V-E living in the 'Wood.  Even though I've lived here for 5 300 Oaks, this is the first one that I've actually run in.  I've walked one, water stationed one, but this was my first actual run.   
I ran the 10k race and while I feel I was physically prepared for it, it absolutely kicked my butt.  But more on that later.  Let's talk instead about the fun stuff!  Chickey ran in it (first race, go Chickey!) and came to stay with me the night before.  Here we are carb loading at Giardinas.
And here are the glorious carbs.  Now I know, I know.  "Carb loading" isn't necessary nor is it really a good idea.  But it sure is tasty!  Look at those meatballs!  Giardinas really outdoes themselves on their pasta gravy and meatballs.  Meltinyourmouth.
We woke up bright and early on Saturday morning, I took Big Browne on a walk in which he attempted to tree a cat, we made our way to the starting line.  At the starting line, we met up with Emily (right) who was going to be my running buddy.   
As I stated earlier, the race kicked my butt!  Emily and I challenged ourselves to run to each mile marker then walk for one minute.  I usually run for 9 minutes, walk for 1 minute so this was an increase for me.  Emily was a great running buddy, supportive but not obnoxious.  We kept a great pace throughout the run, I was pretty darn proud.  In the end, I decided to listen to my body (or was it my mind?) and ran the length of two light poles.  I ended up finishing in 1 hour 5 minutes 44 seconds, a time of which I am extremely proud!

Speaking of extremely proud....Chickey came in 3rd in her age group!! Get it, Chickey, with  your first 5K!

Here's a shot of after the race.  Errybody was enjoying those Michelob Ultras. Best part of running a race, PS, the Michelob ultra you get when you finish.  

Good looking bunch!  I am the queen of the red face. 
Interesting fact:  Chickey and I purchased the exact same shoes without knowing. Whoa.....freaky sister stuff. 
Soooo all in all it was a muy successful 300 Oaks.  I'm taking a little run break until Friday, for both my mental and physical well being.  The next big race I'm planning to run is the MS River Half Marathon in February.  I'm thinking of and planning on upping my during the week run game so that I can be super prepared for it.  

I'm also thinking of purchasing tie dye shoes.  What do you think?   

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  1. Those shoes are awesome. Doooo it.