A Few on Friday (Or, Saturday)

Well hey!  Sorry for the delay!  My day kinda got away from me yesterday.  Heck, the week kind of got away!  It seemed to skedaddled on by.  I worked and fire-pitted and drove to Memphis. 

Speaking of Memphis, I took my yearly trek up there this week for my yearly doctor visit (hey ladies, get your parts checked); this trip is always enjoyable as I usually get to meet my buddy Leah for either a coffee or a geriatric early dinner.  This time, we opted for dinner.  More specifically sushi and a glass of wine.  I always enjoy a good solid visit.  

But the fun didn't stop there.  I also picked up a tuna steak for Brandon and some sassy new jeans for myself.  

What I didn't pick up was a pair of wedge booties.  If you aren't doing anything this weekend then you should try to find me some.  

Wedge.  Bootie.  Tan or black.  Cheap-esq.  But not cheap looking.  Go. 

And I can't even give you a picture to go by.  I know what I want in my mind.  Aparently, it doesn't exist.  Which is weird because it's real simple.  

Moving on.  

Guess who finally fixed the lighting for the light box?  This girl, that's who. 
Check out this artful shot of a tiny mason jar.  


Hindsight being 20/20, I probably should have hunted down a larger box.  Prepare for lots of up close and personal shots of soups, etc.  Maybe if you're that close to the food, you'll actually feel how tasty it was.  

Turns out, those day light light bulbs were simply across the aisle from the regular light bulbs.  Close attention to detail has never been in my "strengths" column. 

I stirred risotto for 1.5 hours last night.  But more on that next week. 

We are within the two week mark of the King Biscuit Blues Fest.  For the sake of preparing, Brandon was wrapped things in bungee cords and I have purchased a large bottle of germ x.  I have also endlessly researched snack mix.  I'd say we are pretty much prepared. 

Any legit campers out there?  What are your must have items on a camping trip? 

Well, I'm off to make pancakes.  

You guys rock, I hope your weekend is awesome!     



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