A Few on Friday!

Hey hey hey!!  Happy Friday party people!  Hope you enjoyed your week and are gearing up for your weekend.  

For starters, I need your help.  Anyone got a can't-live-without-it trash recipe?  You know, like the chex mix / Worcestershire snack mix situation? 

See, King Biscuit is right around the corner.  Since I'm a fat kid a planner at heart, I asked Brandon what we should do for food that weekend.  He didn't have much of an opinion other than requesting trash.  Like his grandmother used to make.

Sooooo. If you know what kind of trash his grandmother used to make OR if you have your own kick-a trash recipe, please share it with me!  I'll sing you a song.  

If you follow me on instagram, then you might have wanted to un-follow me wondered what all of the random pictures and hash tagging was all about.

Weeeeell I've actually been keeping up with the What The Focus September picture a day challenge!  I've really been loving it!  It's like a scavenger hunt, a philosophy class and a reason to accessorize all wrapped up into one.  It's not to late to join!  Read more about it here.  See below for what I've got so far!       
Centered :: 09.01

Raise the Barre :: 09.02

Reflection :: 09.03

Sweat :: 09.04

Flare :: 09.05

Bright :: 09.06

Since this is a Lululemon situation, I'm sure that mine aren't as "active" as lots of other peoples.  For example, I figured that you'd rather see a snap of how hot it got on Tuesday instead of a snap of how disgustingly sweaty I got after being outside in said heat. 

It. Got. So. Hot. This. Week. 

Seeing my exercise clothes after I finish working out makes me want to vom, I figured there was no need to subject you lovely people to that. 

You're welcome.  


Let's talk about the book I just started reading.  My church has kicked off a (young) adult Sunday School class and we are starting things out by reading Ann Lamont's Traveling Mercies.  I picked it up this week.  It is raw.  It is funny.  It is not for the faint of heart.  It is good stuff.  I can't wait to see where it leads and what I learn!

Switching gears a bit, does anyone from the Delta remember the Jafreezie?  From the Barn?  You could either get them with or without; regardless, they were delicious.  Since I've jogged your memory...anyone know how to make them/what was in them, etc? 

I did some googling and found out that Jalfrezie is an Indian dish but have had no luck on finding any information about the beverage.  Help me, Rhonda, if you can!  I'm not sure how we can go about finding this information but I bet that if we all work together we can find it.   

Hope every body has a great weekend that is just the right mix of lazy and stimulating.   

Those are the best kinds...right?  




  1. I don't have a perfect trash recipe, per say..but I do throw a bunch of stuff in the oven & it usually turns out to be a crowd pleaser. I just mix up a bunch of rice, corn & wheat chex, pretzel sticks, cheeze-its, & pecans w/ a ton of butter, garlic powder, woo-chester (that's we we always called it growing up), and kosher salt. I cook it for a couple of hours on about 200, stirring every 30 minutes or so. I have learned to be generous w/ the seasonings. Oh, btw, love Ann Lamont- she's a hoot! A Journal of my Son's First Year is a riot to read when you are preggers....Haley is a huge fan & has read several of her books. Happy Friday!

  2. hey there, LMM. my mother has an awesome trash recipe which requires no oven time! it is super great and very savory. i'll see if i can get it for you this weekend!

  3. Delta Magazine has what looks like a fantastic recipe for trash called Gin Trash, p. 77.

    I read traveling mercies a few years ago and really liked it.

    Jafreezes - loved them. Meryl and I would ask her mom to take us to get one and then we'd walk down the street and get my mom to take us...on the same day.

  4. From what Johnston has told me, I think a jafreeze is, essentially, a daiquiri. So maybe google daiquiri recipes with whatever flavor a jafreeze was. That's all I got. Good luck!!