A Few on Friday!

Oh, hello!  Happy Friday to you!  Hope you're week has been some kind of awesome.  I know mine has!  Hopefully, it's only going to get better!  

Again, with the exclamation points. I usually work on these few on Friday posts throughout the week, it's now Friday morning and as I re-read what I've already written I'm a little startled by all of the yelling...


Looking forward to 300 Oaks tomorrow.  Are you running?  Walking? Spectating?  Wondering what the heck it is?  Learn more about it here.  It's not to late to sign up!  Unless you are reading this Saturday morning, then it's to late to sign up.   

Did any of you fine folks get to go see Elton John live and in concert this week?  I, unfortunately, did not.  BUT after reading some comments on the twitter feed I did croon this song in the herz-hand's ear while he attempted to watch the season premier of Sons of Anarchy. 
Ahhhhhh Almost Famous.  I must watch you again, soon.  To bad I only have (had) you on VHS.  

Sticking with the music theme, I heard this little jam whilst running errands in Ruleville the other day. 
What do you think?  I think it's the catchiest darn thing I've heard in a while.  Get it, ZZ Ward. 

While we are watching videos, let's check out Smart Girls Ask Amy.  Amy Pohler absolutely rocks with this one.  Mothers....share this one with your daughters!  Aunts with your nieces!  Friends with your friends! 

Who doesn't love a little healthy body image inspiration?  

Dude.  You're enough.  Just how you are.   

And this guy is enough.  And the sweetest hound of all.  I snapped this picture of him this morning; that blurred leg action is him pawing at me to give him a belly rub.  
As most folks do, he prefers belly rubs to single shots.  I plan to spend 83% of my weekend with this guy; going on walks, singing him songs, rubbing his ears.  

I'm also going to make some Chicken Piccatta but that's a whole other post.

Peace out, friends!  Keep it klassy. 

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