A Few on Friday

Did you know that we are possibly in for a "porkpacolypse" and / or a "hamageddon" next year?  I know that both my husband and my hound will be upset by this, they do love the ham.  Gotta love the Today show.  This is where I get my information.  I think they get their information from the twitterverse.  

We're all screwed, I'm afraid.  Between the porkpocalyse and the news coming from the twitterverse, things are looking bleak.

Well.  Only if we allow ourselves to focus on the crazy will things look bleak.  Let's instead shift our focus to things that are awesome.  Here are a few.  

1. The Roy Martin Delta Band Festival/Christmas Parade
Mary Neff shared this with me this week and I've been jazzed ever since.  I've also been thinking about a specialty Christmas Parade cocktail.  I'm thinking a peppermint milk punch white Russian situation.  Eeeeeee!  

I know, I know.  I should let the temps get out of the 90s before I start rambling on about the Christmas parade but I just can't help it.  It makes me giddy-happy.  

2.  A fresh denim jacket 
find it here

There were a few items of clothing that I was devastated to get rid of after the Great Weight Loss.  One of them was my trusty jean jacket.  It was Arizona, I purchased it from the JC Penny's in Starkville my freshman year of college.  Who knew I would love that old thing as much as I did. A jean jacket is a must have, especially in the Delta.  It gets chilly but not fur parka cold; a denim jacket is a nice way to feel a little warm without the bulk.  

Leah was wearing this jacket the other day in Memphis, consider us soon-to-be-denim-jacket twins. 

Don't you just love how I talk about my friends like you know exactly who they are?  I knew you did.....that's why I do it. 

Moving on.  

3. Tori Amos :: Gold Dust
You may or may not know this, but I'm a sucker for a good female voice.  AniPattyThe Indigo Ghis.  Love em.  I think it's because I so enjoy singing and so so so enjoy singing alone in my car, all of these ladies are a treat to sing along with.  They also have a killer way with the words; that is always good stuff. 

My love of Tori Amos started several years ago, got to give a shout out to Lauren for that.  She's dark, a little nuts, always a good time.  Admittedly, I haven't gotten very into her new stuff.  Mainly because I hate change I guess but also because it just hasn't hit my ears quite like the old stuff does. Turns out, sister girl is coming out with a new album next week entitled Gold Dust.  It's all old stuff slightly redone to be new stuff!  At least that's what I think it is.  You can apparently stream it over at Paste Magazine.  I say apparently because it's not quite working for me.  Hurmph.  Annoying.

Anywho.  Looking forward to this one!

4.  Exercise Music
Check me out dying a little running like the wind. Perhaps the end of this run would have been a little less painful had I would have had some tunes!  Well, check out this site to learn about Pandora and how they have created exercise stations!!  Heck yeah!  There's 80's Cardio, Alternative Endurance Training, Country Fitness.  Get it, Pandora!  And get fit, ya'll!  Especially Mississippi.  We've got that obesity epidemic thing happening. 


5. Awesome glasses 
We had cookbook club on Wednesday and enjoyed delicious Pim's Cups out of these festive glasses.  The glasses were provided by Lauren, I just couldn't get over them.  I'd sure like to find me a set.  Someone!  Get on it!

Cookbook club was good stuff this month.  Good food, good company.  I was having my quiet disease (that's what Ginny calls my introverstic ((I don't think that's a word) flair ups) but I sure did enjoy the heck out of listening and watching and being.  I've got some good buddies in my town.  Good buddies. 

6.  The Nature Trail
Greenwood has gone and created a really sweet nature trail down by the river.  I am in love.  BB is in love.  He is able to hone his hunting skills, I am able to keep my heart rate slightly more elevated than it is on our usual strolls.  Wednesday, he caught scent of something and just about took my arm off.  I'm hoping it was only a possum and not a rattle snake or a killer.  Whatever it was he was leaping and hopping and grunting and perking his ears up like a spry little beast. 

This was his response when we turned back around and headed towards civilization...
Let us all remember that this guy weighs 113 pounds.  You really have to put your back into to get him to do something that he's not to keen on.  Luckily, after some encouraging words and scratch behind the ears we were off again.  

7.  Company
I got company coming this weekend.  The ghis.  Not all of them, but a good chunk of them.  My heart is happy about this.  And about the fact that we are eating at the Bistro.  And that I am making Gorilla Bread for breakfast on Saturday.  

So bring in on porkpocolypse and twitterverse!  I am not afraid of you!  I got good stuff happening....

Happy weekend to you dear reader-friends.  Take care and don't forget that you are awesome. 




  1. Guess who else has that exact same denim jacket!! We really are BFFs for life....

    Also, I can't believe I'm just getting around to reading this. Maybe I would have been able to drag my lazy bones off of your couch/ bed on Saturday morning (afternoon) had I known about that nature trail.

    Loved seeing you last week and can't wait for our next reunion. LOVE!!

    1. So happy to be triplets with you ghis!!!!!!!