A Few on Friday

Well hi there!  What is up?  Hope it's been a good week for you. We're coming in hot to the weekend which is more than a little bit awesome. 

Enough chit chat.  Let's get down to it.

1. Are you familiar with Rants from Mommyland?  I'm not a mommy but I do l-o-v-e this blog.  And rants.  I was reading through it the other day when I came across the phrase "Halloween to holiday death spiral" and kind of peed myself a little.  I'm sure that once you have children, this phrase reaches an entire new level of terror.  For me, I'm looking at it from a girl who struggles to say no to a dip's perspective and it can be a little unnerving.  Especially since I just spent what feels like $8,001 on a new pair of jeans.
this is what we in the business call a "visual trigger"

Anyone got an attack plan for this Halloween to holiday death spiral?  Run more?  Remember that Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas is only one day? Just say screw it and get an extra pair of stretchy pants?  I'll probably do all of the above.  Woof.   

2.  Speaking of denim.  More specifically, ridiculously expensive denim, I'd like a daring pair of jeans.
find it here 

I am now accepting donations for said daring jeans as my clothing budget is already allocated to other stuffs. 

3.  Have you sang "This Little Light of Mine" lately?  You should.  And you should sing it with a group of people. Yesterday in group we discussed putting good energy out in to the world and illuminating others with your internal "light." This led to an impromptu rendition of the tune, complete with hand clapping and vocal inflections.  It was good stuff, y'all.  Good stuff indeed!

Call me.  We'll sing it together. 

4.  How 'bout a little meditation on this Friday?  Doooo it.  Mayo Clinic says that you should. 

5.  OK.  Confession time.  I just did that meditation at my desk and I snorted out loud the first time I did it because, well, Ginny is in here with me just a-typin' and I work in kind of a high-ish traffic area.  BUT.  Whether you are wanting to awaken your inner athlete like home fry encourages you to or not, deep breathing is always always always an awesome thing.  And remember that this is coming from a girl who is not very natural at mindfulness, breathing, letting go and being calm.  Anyone remember the story of how this blog got it's name?  If not, click here.  

6.  I came in from Art Alfresco and made pumpkin muffins last night.  
 Whoa.  I'm pumped.  I'm probably going to eat them whilst I drink my coffee with my pumpkin spiced creamer in it.  If loving pumpkin is wrong then I don't want to be right.  Hide and watch for the recipe, kids.

7.   Do you think this is the gear of a true camper?  
If you said "yes" then you are wrong.  Because I am, in fact, not a true camper and the bags belong to me.  Who knows what is in that back one back there.  I panicked because of the chance of rain and at this point in the game I'm not real sure what's in there.  It could be some running shorts, it could be a ball gown.  As I said, I'm just not sure.  PTL that King Biscuit is in the middle of a town and not in the middle of the woods. 

Happy weekend friends!  Hope it's a good one!  Take care and do something awesome.... 


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