A Few on Friday

Happy Friday!  Here are a few things for you to mull over on this lovely, lovely morning. 

1.  I'm thinking of investing in small talk lessons.  Why?  Because things like this happen to me:

I'm quietly walking my hound when someone that I know kind of, but not well, walks towards me.  I get what I'm sure appear to be crazy eyes and a buzzing sound starts up in my ears.  They look at me, I look at them.  I blurt out "GOOD!" before anyone has said anything.  Acquaintance looks afraid and keeps walking.

Cute, huh?  My awkwardness kill me.

2.  I'm still trekking through on that level 2 of the yoga meltdown DVD.  A few things are still the same.  For example, I still can't do crow and Jillian is still an ass.  BUT some things are changing.  Like I feel more confident in my abilities and have ordered another video to up my skillz.  I'm also thinking about returning to the in town classes that I often convince myself I have no business attending. I'll go then do something silly, like cry into my mat at the end of the class, and then I'll stop going. 

In related news, I've signed up for a workshop entitled Mindfulness, Yoga and Compassion: Principals, Benefits, Practices - Clinical Interventions for Depression, Anxiety and Stress.  Heck.  Yeah.  I love a lot of things, a good solid clinical intervention is one of them.   

Gah. Things are getting kind of deep over here.  Let's do something about that.

3.  Let's all let the fall themed pumpkin psychosis that is fall continue with this jazz. 
Pumpkin-Walnut Focaccia with Gruyère Recipe
find it here


Allegedly, sister Jennifer (my sister, she's not a nun) made this recently and sister Chickey took a picture of it and sent it to me.  For starters, I'd like to state for the record that I think it's rude that they are hanging out together, eating pumpkin walnut focaccia with gruyere without me.  Tis the poor, poor life of the middle child of three girls.

For seconds, "focaccia" and "gruyere" are two of the hardest words in the whole language of English to spell.  Freaking A, y'all, that just took me way longer than it should have to figure out.  Lots of going back and forth between two tabs. 

ANYWAY.  I want to make some.  But I'm scared.  It seems scary.  What do you think? Maybe you'll make some and give me a piece.  But has to be either on Friday or Saturday. Every other day it's strict point counting, by George.  I realized the other day while eating a package of chocolate brownie Grandmas cookies for an afternoon snack that I should probably reign it on back in.   

Ugh.  Reigning anything back in is for the birds.

4.  This is one of the most amazing apples I've ever had.
It's a honeycrisp and it's from Kroger and I love it.  LOVE IT.  Me and this honeycrisp.  We reigning it in together.  

5.  Greenwood got itself a new website!!  While I did not win the new iPad at the unveiling party, I'm sill pretty jazzed about what appears to be such a usable site.  Visit it here:

6.  I still don't have any ideas for a Halloween costume for that 5k that is in, like, a week.  Win suggested that I dress up like a bowl of chili.  I passed this onto Chickey as she would be the perfect saltine cracker.  That's about as far as we've gotten.  I'm still accepting your suggestions. 

7.  Big Browne is still brown.  But my lettuce is doing well.  Green salads all around in approximately 48 days.  Also, the shedding has chilled out.  If we were comparing this to microbial growth, I'd say that we are in the stationary phase. 

That's all, folks.  Keep it klassy and do fun things this weekend.  


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