A Few on Friday

Well hi!  How are you?  Me? I'm good.  Excited that it's Friday.  Excited that it's supposed to get a little cooler.  Excited that we're all here on the land of the living. 

1.  I'm also excited that I watched Moonrise Kingdom this week.  I. Love. Wes. Anderson.  LikewithallofmyheartRoyal Tenenbaum's is one of my all time faves, this one might be a close second.  I'm not sure why I dig his movies so much.  Perhaps because they are about nothing and so much at the same time.  Whooooooaaaaah.  I'm being Deep Spice over here.  Check out the trailer:

2. Did anyone catch the sky last night?  Like, whoa.  It was on fire.  
 This picture, obviously, doesn't do it any kind of justice.  I snapped this last night while taking the hound for our nightly stroll.  The whole situation was made even more intense by the face that I was being eaten absolutely alive by maniacal mosquitoes who were swarming like they'd never swarm again.  

While on this walk, I also took some time to play with the panoramic feature on my iPhone (download that software, ya'll).  See those black edges?  That's where the camera shook as I was swatting the mosquitoes away.  

The hound was just annoyed.    
He might possibly stay annoyed as I often look at him and tell him he's going to need to learn how to vacuum.  

3.  This is happening on Saturday.  You should come.  
 Jump on over here to visit the facebook page!  Unless you're at work and not supposed to get on facebook then don't.  Just come on out.  It's in Leland, starts at 8am.    

4.  Look at this lettuce growing like a champ!
We've got some red leaf and some butter crunch.  Green salads for everyone!  Or, rather, green salads until the lettuce runs out.  Which ever happens first.  Anyone know when this stuff is ready to pick?  It's only been planted for about two weeks so I'm assuming not yet. 

5.  Guys.  If you take the flu shot, be sure to pop a few tylenol (or your preferred method of pain reliever) afterwards.  I had mine yesterday and whoa is my arm sore.  

What are your thoughts on the flu shot?  Some people are aggressively against it.  Like you ask them if they get it and they look at you as if you've just suggested they light themselves on fire.  

Me, I take it.  I didn't start taking it until I started working in hospitals....haven't had the flu since and never had the flu before.  So is it helping?  I'm not sure.  But I am sure that after saying all of this that I will not only get the flu this year, but get something crazy like the bird flu.  

Here's to you making me casseroles....

So happy weekend dear friends!  Take care of yourself, don't get the flu, do something you love.  




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