Deer Creek Chili Festival 5K Run/Walk


HA!  Got ya.  

Moving on.  

Well.  I didn't dress up for that 5K.  BUT I did wear a maroon t-shirt in support of the 'dawgs AND I got some solid bonding time in with Chickey AND I finished in a time of which I am quite proud (31.12ish) SO all's well that ends well.  

Here we are before the race.  It. Was. Freezing.  
See that head band that kind of makes me look like a crazy person?? Best happy ever from Brandon right there. 

We took this as our #webelieve picture for the Alabama v MSU game that night.  I would imagine that the reason the 'dawgs didn't win is because I forgot to add @danmullen and @whoeverthatstricklinguyis.  Wherps. 

Here is Chickey trying to ensure that her blood continues to circulate pre-run.    
 Eeee.  I'm shivering just thinking about it.  

Here's a little action shot:

image credit:  Jamie Harden Photography

Now despite what it may look like I am, in fact, NOT wearing a puffer jacket under that t-shirt.  Not quite sure where that extra bulk came from.  I'm blaming that T.

This is comical.  Several friends were cooking chili for the contest; they set up together behind this nifty wind shield number.  Big pot/little pot.  Heee hee heeeee.  It kill me.    
I mean, tickles the stew out of me.

I think that the only thing that the chili fest is missing is a white bean chicken chili point friendly number. Oh yeah.  Who's with me next year!!!????

Despite the chilly temps it was a very run race to run.  Can't wait until next year!! 

Stay warm, my friends.   


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