Something Lovely Is Being Born

No, no, no.  It's not a Baby McCaleb.  Or a Baby Mac as I like to refer to all of our possible future unborn children. 

Sooooo I sustained my first injury whilst running on Monday.  It was about six o'clock in the AM and I was already keyed up as it was really freaking dark.  You know, like killer standing in front of you but you can't see them dark. Turns out, some folks lost power during the 2 day rainstorm that we had just had. 

So, I'm just a-running when I see a car headed towards me.  It was when I started to move to the left to give them plenty of room to pass that I took a tumble / ankle role / face plant into the concrete.  I would imagine that I resembled a baby giraffe trying to walk but since I couldn't see myself I can't say for sure.  The car creeped on past me, probably laughing hysterically.  And you know what?  I hope they were.  We all know how lovely it is to start your day off with a good solid belly laugh. 

I wiped myself off, limped about a block, then trotted on home. 

Here's hoping surgery isn't required. 

Monday was also the day that the rain water started seeping into our downstairs room.  Brandon ran into our bedroom arms a - flailing, yelling that we were being flooded.  I'm pretty certain that I gave him a thumbs up and went right back to sleep.  Two points for me in the helpful category.

I woke up to find the furniture piled on one side of the room and 68 towels on the sopping wet carpeted floor.  


I drove to work that morning, thinking about black mold and my newly bummed ankle and my mind drifted to a passage from Traveling Mercies. Just to catch you up, there's a woman on a trip and everything is going horribly wrong.  She starts whining to the person sitting next to her on a train when this goes down...  

"It turned out that this man worked for the Dalai Lama.  And he said - gently - that they believe when a lot of things start going wrong all at once, it is to protect something big and lovely that is trying to get itself born - and this something needs for you to be distracted that it can be born as perfectly as possible. "

Traveling Mercies, page 107

Isn't that just one of the loveliest things you've ever read?  I think so.  Flooded rooms, bum ankles. They are all merely distractions.   

Here's to good stuff being born, y'all!


  1. Considering the year I've had...that might mean I'm due to win the lottery.


  2. Anne Lamott is one of my very favorite authors!