A Few on Fiday

Well hey there friends!  Thanks for visiting the Elevator today.  Let's ramble.  
1.  My favorite think about cold weather running is getting to dress like a Ninja. 

This is how I have to entertain myself when it's time to lace up the sneaks and hit the road.  Been going in the afternoon some lately because it is pitch black dark until, oh, 715 AM.  When one is dressed like a ninja, natural light is required

My preferred activity when I get home from work is face planting onto my couch so pretending like I'm a ninja helps.  

2. My slippers are usually always in the middle of my floor and my skanky robe is never where it should be.  Sorry, I'm not sorry.  

3.  Here is a picture of the Browne Hound trying to figure out how to get one of my turkey meatballs.
He's photogenic even when he is being Hound-ish!  Stop being jealous of my trashcan.  

4.  If I stumbled upon you making these, I'd act hound-ish and figure out away to nab one.
find it here

The more likely it is to put me into a diabetic coma the better's what I always say. 

5.  For the sake of having some color on this post, here is BB sprawled out in the grass.  Notice he was a pirate dawg with two bandanas tied together as one would not fit 'round his burley neck.   

6.  My life is reeeeeeally exciting, eh?  Yeah.  I was thinking about that this morning whilst walking my hound.  A friend of mine who has been out of the country for like 8 weeks asked me to tell her what exciting I've been doing and I was like Uhhhhhhh work.  School.  I won something on eBay that I'm jazzed about.  

Oh, no.  This will not do.  Time start living with some intention.  Let's revisit this article and up the mindfulness and the intention.  Yes, let's.  Who's with me!!??

7.  I finally went to that yoga class last night.  I even did a headstand (propped up against the wall, but still.) It was good, good stuff!! 

Cheers to the freakin' weekend, friends.  Have a happy, happy Friday and enjoy yourselves with some intention!



  1. Love! I love that I read your blog and feel like we are in the same room and you are just chatting away. Miss your awesomeness!

  2. You have no idea how happy that ninja picture makes me! Miss you Dizz and hate we won't be meeting up this weekend; phone date instead?