A Few on Friday

Oh, hey.  Fancy seeing you here.  

JOKES.  Let's rap. 

1. Has anyone else wanted to crawl up in a glass of red wine this week?  Not like because omg I need a glass soooo bad but because just the thought of having a toasty glass makes me feel all warm and cozified.  Here's to fall.  Y'all. 

2.  Has anyone felt the need to completely abandon social media this week?  Yeah, me too.  But not enough to completely abandon it or anything.  That facebook.  Just like all good trash it completely hooks you.  

OK, I'm done polling ya'll.  

3.  Notice how I said "let's rap" at the start of this post?  Well.  Earlier in the week, while meeting with a teenage client, I said, "I mean, let's rap this!" as an attempt to get the conversation going.  

I'm still embarrassed.    

4.  My mind is moving at 800 miles per hour trying to digest all of the good therapeutic information i've been given this week.  I went to two continuing ed work shops, one on mindfulness/yoga and one on personality disorders, and all I want to do is join a research team at a fancy college and spend all of my time discussing and researching human behavior. I'm pretty sure that a caftan would be required.  Something tells me, though, that's not going to happen.  Sooooooo. 

5.  I'll just spend my time listening to Robin's Show Me Love. 
This song came on during my drive to work this morning.  I took it as an opportunity to roll my shoulders, close my eyes and tighten my lips...the two hallmarks of good redneck girl dancing.  Not sure what I mean?  Here you go...
That, friends, is my gift to you.  A still shot of the elusive redneck dance as performed in a cubical. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend!  I'm straight chillin' and couldn't be happier.  Going to wrap up some school stuff, walk my hound, make party sandwiches and possibly bake something.

Take care! 


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