A Few On Friday

Well hello!  Welcome, welcome.  So glad you stopped by.  Kick your feet up. Stay awhile.....
1.  I'm taking a vote.  Brandon and I are venturing to Austin after the New Year (but that's not what I'm taking a vote on).  The trip will be right towards the end of my training for the MS River Half Marathon so I'm planning on doing some running while I'm there as to not get out of my rhythm.  Should I sign up for this?

find the image here 
I mean, it's kind of expensive BUT A) It benefits mountain gorillas, which I've never really though about but seems to be a worthy cause B) When else will I ever get to do something like this? C) YOU GET TO KEEP THE GORILLA COSTUME. 

What do y'all think?  Hit me up on the comments.  

2.  This is Big Browne Hound attempting to give you a high five about this chilly weather.  
When I wake up and see this on my weather channel app, I don't feel like giving high fives.  I feel more like burrowing even deeper into my biscuit and staying there indefinitely.   

3.  Here's a little Friday reading for you

In related news, I've paid the whopping 8$ per month to join one of the "channels" on this site: Black Swan Yoga.  I'm going to do that and also set a goal to attend one class at the spa per week.  I like to set my goals on this here blog so that I will feel more held accountable to them. 


4.  Here's a little Friday jam for you:
Who doesn't love a good jam?

5.  So guess what I'm making for our work Thanksgiving gathering?  Those tiny little smokies cooked in grape jelly and BBQ sauce.  Shut your mouthThey are so good.   

To bad I totes busted the BBH licking the very same crock pot that I was going to cook them in.  You may be wondering, "Why was the Big Browne Hound up in your cabinets licking things?"  Well.  He wasn't.  The crock pot was poised by the back door so I wouldn't forget the old girl.  BBH spends lots of time also poised by the back door so really I'm not shocked that it happened. 

Don't worry.  I cleaned it.  

6.  Have you sat down and watched Office Space lately?  Because you should.  You really, really should.  

Be well and do good work, home fries!  



  1. you absolutely need a take home gorilla suit. one resounding YES from yours truly.

  2. Yes to the race & a definitely yes to the Gorilla attire- sweet! Oh, and are you so excited that you didn't get signed up for plastic-ware at Luckett??? :) See ya Thursday!!