A Few on Friday

For starters, guys, hope your Thanksgiving was good stuff.  I know mine was.  

1. You know how sometimes you don't realize how awesome something is because you are up in it?  Like how upon driving home from Luckett Lodge yesterday, the Brandon he says to me "Gah your family is amazing.  On both sides.  You are so lucky."
He's right, the Brandon.  I'm a lucky lucky lucky girl.  

2.  I'm so full.  Still.  Big girl ate well....

3.  If you love adorable Christmas music I'd like to recommend you go create a Sufjan Stevens Christmas station over on the Pandora.  Freaking love it.  And I can't say for certain but Sixpense None The Richer (remember them?) might have some of the best (modern) stuff out there these days.  Check it.  

4. Are you working today?  I'm working today.  Sitting at my desk as I type, waiting on groups to get started.  I'm not upset, though.  Kind of part of the job.  The up side is that it's really really quiet around here and I'm pretty much in pajamas.  The down side is that I think the Subway (the only place to grab a sandwich in Ruleville) is closed today.  I couldn't wrap my brain around having leftovers for lunch. 

5.  Sooooo in the spirit of the holiday season, let's all put our dogs on leashes.  My 115 pound Akita hound is never outside without his leash on.  Why?  Because he's huge.  And my responsibility. And not to keen on male dogs.  Our morning walks are usually very calm, this morning it was anything but because of the two little hounds that were following us around.  While I found them to be rather cute, the Browne Hound deemed them annoying and snarled at them every time they got near.  They also almost got hit a few times and harassed a jogger.  Leashes, guys, leashes.  This guy says "please." 
Happiest of weekends!  Hope you have a good one!

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