Back to Reality!

Well hi!  How was your weekend?  Mine was good, thanks.  

I did some football watching, running, decorating, addressing, small business supporting, shivering, coffee drinking, reading, lounging, eating. 

What I did not do, though, was make food and take pictures of it to share with you.  I've been doing that a lot lately, it seems.  
For example, I made the BBQ Chicken Dip pictured below for a festive night before Thanksgiving gathering.  Did I snap a pic?  NO.  Why?  I DON'T KNOW.  Probably because it didn't get cooked until it got to the party and I felt a little sheepish about whipping out my phone and snapping pics of the dip mid gathering. 
Image from How Sweet It Is 

ANYWAY.  You should probably head on over to this site and grab that recipe.  Whoa, it was good.  Like put it on the gratitude list good.  Perfect for your holiday gathering!

I also made some pretty good chili.  It was from the Chapel of the Cross cookbook and it was awes.  Ground beef and turkey sausage, lots of veggies.  Pair it with 8 fritos and some shredded cheese and sour cream?  Done.  Not only did I not take a picture of it but I didn't even measure it out correctly to calculate the points.  

It's getting wild over here....

You know what else is wild?  The dip I made for Thanksgiving.  Wild in an easy and delicious kind of way.  Take some pimento cheese and some bacon that's been cooked crisp...combine it well.  Spread it out into a cake pan lined with saran wrap, let it hang out in the fridge for a bit.  When you are ready to serve, invert it over a serving dish and top it with one jar of plum jelly.  Serve it with wheat thins.  I tried this dish after having it at Turnrow Books the night of the holiday open house.  

Sooooo.  Now it's Monday aka the day of starting over.  I'm going to cook and calculate and snap pics and do what works for me.  I'm also going to remind myself that just because there is a pie in my fridge doesn't mean that I have to eat it.  I mean, I can, it's a free country.  But I don't have to.

Eek.  Pie.  Love it.  

Have a great week!!           

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  1. this post title makes me sing Eminem. I hate you for that.