Gratitude 2012

I am grateful for: 

Faith.  My very most favorite husband.  My mom, dad, sisters, brother in laws, nieces, step moms, step siblings.  My ratty friends.  My sweet Akita hound.  My home.  My healthy body.  My challenges.  My job.  My community.  My cozy warm biscuit.  My cookbook club. Books. Therapy. Yoga. Running. Homegrown lettuce. Forgiveness. Prayer.  Baked goods.  Greek yogurt.  Weight Watchers. Headphones. iPhones. Church of the Nativity. Giardinas. Online college.  My lessons.  Runderunders. My nalgene bottle.  Nature trails.  Caldrea. Difficult people.  Blog readers. Military Service People.  Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmothers. Educators.  Instagram.  Bubbles.  Bird themed yoga classes. Cheese toast.  Anne Lamott.  My degrees.  Good office managers.  Wedges (not wedgies).  Fritos. The Book of Common Prayer. Pandora.  Hob Nob and other cheap wines. The snooze button.  Freedom of speech, of religion, of assembly, of the right to bear arms (not just in a tank top). The Today Show.  Spell check.  Sewing machines.  Cease-fires.  You.  The Luckett Lodge.  Half Marathons.  Changing tree colors.  Pinterest.  Icouldgoonandonandonandooooon. 

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!  Take care, eat seconds of your favorites, take pictures, have a blast!   

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