Grilled Cheese Love

Oh wow!  Look at that! 
A grilled cheese! Hello, old friend. 

Why am I so excited?  

Because of all of the things that are transient and nutty about this world we life in, a grilled cheese is one of the constants.

When that buffalo chicken soup is so hot that one bite makes you think your eye balls are going to fall out?  

Make a grilled cheese.  

When you get bitten by the lazy bug and have no interest in working on a plan B to deal with the heat of said chicken soup? 

Make a grilled cheese. 

When you'd rather stare at your Christmas tree than your skanky stove?  

Make a grilled cheese.  

And make it with real bread (no light bread, over that shiz) and two (2) different types of cheese....thin swiss and thin sharp cheddar.  Only 6 pp.  AND.  Don't forget the spray butter.  

Squish squish!  

Who doesn't love spray butter?  
Well.  Probably not this guy.  Turns out, moving from under the house into the house can turn a hound into a slight snob.

But I love him.  Equal to, if not more than I love a grilled cheese.  

And that's a lot.    

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