Just A Little Egg Taco....

I must confess.  I thought that with this being the day before Thanksgiving I'd have a post with a little more pizazz.  A little more umph.  Hell, at least something with some pumpkin in it.  
Nope.  Not here, not today.  

Today we're keeping it basic.  Eggs.  Ham. Salsa. Tortillas.  A little something blah in the middle of the whew  that can quickly become the holiday season.  

Over here at the Elevator we are going to center.  Take some deep breaths.  Practice mindfulness.  Be present.  Eat eggs.  


Tomorrow we're doing turkey and gratitude, today we're just having some eggs. 

Tasty eggs but just some eggs none the less.        
Simple Egg Taco

1 egg
onions and bell peppers, diced small
1 piece of deli ham, diced small
1 flour tortilla

Heat small skillet over medium heat, spray it with cooking spray.  Add the onions and peppers, saute until soft.  Add the egg and the ham, scramble it all together.  Layer it all up in the tortilla, top it with some salsa.  

Points plus 6

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