A Few on Friday

Guys.  Hey.  What's up?  Here's what's up with me this week. I must warn you, it's not a ton.  But maybe some of it will strike your fancy...

1.  I got these new running shoes. 
If you can't tell by looking at the picture, they are quite blue.  Blue and Blue and Blue all over, I say.  They are the Nike Air Pegasus + 29 and if you are looking for a stable and soft ride, these are for you.  Me, I'm looking for a touch more contrast of color in my shoe so I'm on the hunt for a sassy shoe string. 

Blue shoes + stripped pants + sassy shoe strings = no one's going to miss me. 

2.  Speaking of running, I've ordered a fanny pack. Eeeee!  That is so nerdy. 

3.  It's also nerdy how in love I am with my new Brita water pitcher.  Seriously.  If you need me, I'll just be at my house having a lovely glass of filtered water and wearing a fanny pack. 

4. I need blouses. 

Here Y'all think I could cram myself into an extra small?  


I have essentially been wearing all of the same clothes for about 2 years now, minus a new jean here or there.  I try to distract people with loudly telling stories so they wont notice, I don't think it's working. Hence, I need new blouses.  

Or want new blouses.  We've done lots of work in group lately with wants vs needs.  Let me just go on and practice what I preach for a minute.  

5.  Let's listen to some music, shall we?  
I finally figured out spotify and have been lurving it.  The Silversun Pickups have been a play list star and I'm happy to report that I learned the following tidbit of information whilst watching this music video:  the lead vocalist is male, not female.  Hurmph!  Who knew?  Obviously, not me....

Guys.  Hope ya'll have a good weekend!  Take care, stare at your tree, drink a tasty warm drink, know that you are awesome.  


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  1. sassy laces are available at the walmart or payless. you def need new blouses!