A Few on Friday

1.  I'd like to draw your attention right quick to the right side of this computer screen.  I've signed on to Team Teach for America to help raise money for education in the MS Delta through the MS River Half Marathon.  Let's be honest, people.  Education in the Delta is an all hands on deck situation and I would imagine every little bit helps.  And hell, I'm not a teacher, don't want to be a teacher, just fine with counseling thank you very much, so go on with your bad selves, teachers of all kinds, and do some good! 

Please visit my campaign site and help me reach my goal of $200! 

A huge thank you to Nanny and Lisa for pledging to donate and to Chickey for supporting!  I'm doing a tap dance in your honor right now....

2.  How can you tell when your holiday eating might be spiraling out of control?  When this happens:
Why, yes.  Those are chex mix crumbs hiding out in my scrub top.  This, people, is why I run.  

3. What are yous guys cooking for Christmas?  Me, I'm making Christmas Eve Cheese Dip, a Cheesecake (what topping?? Ahhhhhh!!!!) and possibly some other treats.  Might make this for breakfast Christmas morning, just don't know yet.                   
Find it here

Food and running.  Food and running.  I'm starting to annoy even myself.  Which is difficult because my annoying tolerance level is pretty high, yo. 

4.  Switching gears a little a ton, I feel like there's been a lot of sadness happening lately.  I know, yes, there's always sadness, always has been always will be but I feel like it's been a little heavier lately.  In reading this morning, I found comfort in these words. 
If you find yourself in a place of sadness this Christmas, may you find comfort in family, friends, words, music, traditions, hobbies, milk punch or whatever it is that works for you. 

If you find yourself in a place of joy, may it continue well into the New Year and for many years to come! 

Merry weekend before Christmas!!  Be well and enjoy yourself.....


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