A Phew on Friday

Heeeeeeeeeeeey!  Sup? 

1.  Did you notice that there is something different about the title of this post?  It's because I've got Pho on the brain.  A friend of mine posted a pic of at home pho on the Instagram and now I can't stop thinking about it.  Or googling it.  Someone make me some!  Or teach me how to make some that doesn't call for Ox tails! Stat! Where's my noodle shop / food truck when I need it?  Grrr.

2.  You getting geared up for the holidays? This guy is.
Well. Truth be told he's probably more geared up about eating me in my sleep if I put that hat on him one more time but whatever.  See that faraway look in his eyes?  He's planning his escape back under the house. 


He loves me.  Here's two ways I can tell...
  1. I rolled my ankle this week and fell down two stairs in our house.  He lifted his head up almost all the way as to check on me. 
  2.  I woke up recently to find him staring at me, almost nose to nose.  No need for alarm, though.  I found out later that Brandon was doing something offensive, like sweeping, so he came to hide in our room. 
3. What is spotify?  I signed up for it and now I keep getting emails telling me about the songs that my "friends" have added to their playlist.  Guys.  I don't understand.  Help.  

4.  I'm getting an itch to bake something this weekend.  What should it be?  You pick.  Here's a link to some options.  

What if I just said to heck with it all and gave this recipe for the Pizza Inn chocolate chip pizza a try? It only calls for two sticks of butter, y'all, I'm sure the points plus are nothin'!  Tis the season to wear stretch pants all of the time...

5.  You know what's fun to run to?  This:
Or really anything from those krazy Vampire Weekend kids.  They make me not only want to keep a quick tempo but also go boating.  

What are you guys exercising to these days?  My playlist needs some new life.  Maybe something that can make me bust a move like I do when Manio's "Let If Fly" comes on.  

6. What are you guys up to this weekend?  I plan to do a touch of Christmas shopping, some hound walking, some cooking and some reading of this: 
Life of Pi     
I've been told that I'm just about to the part where it gets can't put it down amazing.  

That's all my ramblin for today.  I'm wrapping this up whist my coffee brews; just about tohead out for another day at work.  But not just any day.....a Friday.  And not just any friday but the Friday on which I have not only chosen to break the dress code and wear jeans to work BUT  also pair said jeans with a top that is also a bit denim in nature.  

Sometimes Denim Danielle (Denim Dan's sister) has to happen...
Happy weekend sweet friends!  Hope you have a good one! 



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