Betsy's Milk Punch and Christmas Traditions

If there's one thing I love, it's a holiday tradition.  This year, Brandon and I have started a few of our own that make me pretty happy.  For example, for the past few years we've donned our stretch pants and put up our Christmas Tree upon returning home from Luckett Lodge on Thanksgiving Day.  

And just recently, on our anniversary, we picked up a new ornament for our tree.  Something I hope to do each year, get an ornament where ever we are on that day.  The ornament we got this  year is some sort of a bird/chicken/wooly creature thing.  It has nothing to do with anything and holds no sentimental connectionsI just thought it was cute and Brandon just thought it was time to leave Anthropologie.  BBH is also a fan as he promptly tried to eat it as soon as it was hung it on the tree. 

A third tradition that we McCaleb's are kicking off this year is one that we are borrowing from my dad and step-mom, Betsy.  As long as I have known Betsy, she's been bottling up her famous milk punch and handing it out to friends.  They happily pass it out and people happily drink it up...I wanted to recreate that here in Greenwood for mine and Brandon's ratty band of buddies. 
Fact:  people get real fired up when you text them and tell them you are bringing them a bottle of milk punch.
This bev holds such fond memories for me.  I look forward to making many more bottles in the future and hope that it brings as much happiness to you and your family as it has to me and my family!  
It's worth mentioning that upon researching other versions of this recipe, I've found that some people freeze this for a few hours for a slushier situation.  Um, yes.   

Betsy's Milk Punch

1 fifth of bourbon (I like Old Charter)
1 gallon of 2% milk
1 pound of powdered sugar  
1 pint of heavy whipping cream
2 blurbs of vanilla

Combine all ingredients into a HUGE pot.  Funnel into cleaned bottles.  Pass out and watch the Christmas joy unfold!          

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