Marriage: Year One

How crazy town is it that today is mine and Brandon's one year wedding anniversary?  Whoa.  Time, she flies. 

It's also Mississippi's 195th (196th?  That math....) birthday but I'm going to focus more on our wedding anniversary.  
Grateful for the year and the memories and the laughter and the ups and the downs and the growth and the forgiveness and the building up and the sitting with and the fear and the peace and the compromise and the mystery and the hope and the support and the unknown and the calm and the chaos and the adventure and the boredom and the loss and the gains and the fights and the contentment and the unrest and the meals and the friends and the hugs and the Akita and the trips and this article

Praying for many many many happy and healthy years together and for grace and peace to deal with the ones that maybe aren't so happy and healthy.  
Just in case you are feeling a little nostalgic...
Our wedding pictures

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