Ornament Swap Toffee Revisited

Guys!  It's that time again!  Toffee time aka OMG my teeth really hurt maybe I shouldn't have had that last piece time. 

Since I'm seriously lacking any original material this week I like you, I'm going to repost the Ornament Swap Toffee recipe complete with better pictures and sassy action shots and the actual candy making process.  

Toffee has become one of my favorite sweets to make.  It's challenging enough to make you feel accomplished while still easy enough to whip up without being to big of a deal.  

It's all about the stirring really.  That and the wooden spoon.  

You start out simply enough with an obscene amount of butter and sugar and just a little bit of water.  crank that heat all the way to high.  
 At this point, it's important that you fully commit to  your candy making process.  Might want to tell whoever is in the house with you what you are doing so that they don't distract you or try to get you to do things that would take away from your stirring. 

Brandon:  What??!! (Sounds afraid)
Me:  Hey. 
Brandon: Hey. 
Me:  I'm about to start making toffee.
Brandon:  OK
Me: OK. 
Brandon:  looks confused
Me:  I just wanted to let you know that's what I was doing. 
Brandon:  Sill looks confused, returns to couch, contemplates going to live under the house.    
 Butter and sugar are quick to burn so you have to keep things moving moving moving in order to make this toffee situation work. 
 At this point, things start to get pretty cool as the mixture starts to lift and pull and get all fluffy.  Just when you think you aren't going to be able to tell when the candy is ready it turns this dreamy caramel color that will make even the biggest scrooge melt. 

Quickly pour the candy atop your toasted pecans and try to keep yourself from sampling it all because, I swear, it's like 7985 degrees.  Also, don't scrape anything.

OK so see below for the complete recipe!  Make some for your friends, keep some for yourself, don't catch anything on fire.   

Ornament Swap Toffee

1 cup of pecans

1 cup of salted butter, cut up

1 cup of sugar

3 tbl of water

milk chocolate morsels

Preheat oven to 350.  Roast pecans for around 10 minutes.  Remove from the oven, break them up into pieces, and place them in a small-ish baking dish.  I used an 11 inch pie plate (that's all I got) but you could do something like an 8x8 baking dish.  Set it aside. 
Place the butter, the sugar, and the water in a medium sauce pan. Turn the heat to high and begin stirring.  Keep stirring and stirring and stirring with a wooden spoon.  What will happen is the candy will turn start to change colors.  Your goal is for it to be an amber color and to start to lift away from the sides of the pan as your stir it.  Mine took about 11 minutes.  

Once it's done, pour it over the pecans in the baking dish.  Do not scrape it out of the pan, just pour it.  Pour the chocolate over the candy, however much you want but enough to cover the whole thing.  Allow it to start to soften, take a fork and spread it out.  

Allow chocolate to completely harden.  I stuck mine in the fridge to speed this process up.  

Once it has hardened, flip the dish upside down on top of some parchment paper.  Beat on the bottom of the dish until it pops out.  Break the candy up and enjoy. 

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  1. Thanks for reposting as I specifically remember buying all the ingredients for this dish last year. And, as of today, they are still sitting undisturbed in my pantry. :) Will definitely give it a go this year (and maybe get some fresher ingredients?)