A Few on Friday

Hey turkeys!!  Happy Friday!  Here a few things:

1.  I finished that book I was reading.  Just in case your New Years resolution is to read more, you should start out with Life of Pi.  It's one of the most beautiful and thought provoking stories I've read in a while.  I can't stop thinking about it and hope I never do.  It's been a while since a book struck a chord like this one did.  Why did it affect me so much?  Who knows for sure but it's probably one of those where I am in life and what that book had to tell created something pretty cool.  I've even taken to journaling the booking club discussion part of it....
Feels a touch like English class but this time I don't have to worry about spelling and grammar.  But seriously, let's be honest.  I've never worried about spelling and grammar.  As is obvious from the reading of this blog. 

2.  Another thing obvious from the reading of this blog is how much I heart ridiculous food.  Would you consider building your own burrito to be ridiculous?  I would.  Ridiculous in an it's-my-new-favorite-thing kind of way. Now, you city folk might already have fancy build your own burrito spots.  We delta folks haven't...until now!  Welcome to my life, Mosquito Burrito of Cleveland.  Let's be friends forever.   
For the record, I need Mosquito Burrito in my life just like I need a hole in my head. 

3.  OK let's get serious for a second.  In doing some research for work, I came across this website : National Center for PTSD.  If you, or some one you care about has PTSD OR if you are a therapist working with people experiencing PTSD symptoms, check it out.  Good stuff! Good stuff indeed.  

4.  OK let's jump back to Cleveland.  I visited H Squared yesterday and picked myself up a new pair of booties.  For a gal that swore up and down she'd never wear a bootie, I've got a few pairs of booties.  Anywho.  I'm more than a little in love with them and look forward to wearing them and projecting the image of being really tall.  I also am looking forward to further exploring the brand Seychelles.  Don't you love a festive shoe?  Geeze.  I love a festive shoe.  Make it a comfortable festive shoe and I'm sold

5.  I'll tell you what I'm not sold on.  I'm not sold on a festive uncomfortable shoe.  For example.  Once upon a time there was a pair of zebra print peep toe ridiculously high pumps on sale at Libby Story's when Libby Story's was in Greenville.  They were also a touch furry.  And like a size 9.  Guess what size I am?  A 7.  Maaaaybe I was a 7.5 then; it was before I lost that weight and my feet shrunk.  Regardless, I bought them.  And I wore them, not to just any old place, nonono, but to a freaking New Years Eve party in Memphis where I knew all of two people.

So picture it.  Painfully awkward me wearing painfully tall/big zebra shoes.  Standing in a corner.  Eeeeeeee.  That's up there on the list of times I wouldn't go back to if you paid me.  

But they were festive, that's for sure.   

I hope your weekend is festive!   

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