A Few on Friday

1.  This guy, he rode with us to Sonic and was asked by the car hop if he was a bear or a dog.  She sounded pretty serious.  What do you think?  Does he look bear-ish in this shot? 
Oh, my sweet baby hound.  He didn't even try to eat my mini oreo blast.  You know why?  Because he ignores me 78% of the time.  

2.  Speeeeeeaking of hounds, did y'all see this on the news? 
This is a doodle that gets groomed to look like a lion!  You can read about him here.  Chickey, Daniel needs to rock this look for sure! Maybe for your birthday, I'll get him a few free visits to the local pet salon.

3.  If we made a list of things I've done this week that would go under the heading of "ain't right", this would probably be right up top:
Absolutely, yes,  that's a picture of me curled up under a blanket having peanut butter off of a spoon for my evening snack. 

4.  Sunshine = amazing. 

5.  Did you get paid today?  Would you like to donate to my MS Half Marathon Campaign?  Click here....     

6.  Guys.  Do we know what the trend is going to be for sandals this spring/summer?  I'm in a wedding in April and am  hunting a sandal to wear with my dress.  Unless, of course, Clare throws us all a curve ball and forces everyone to don a heel.  But.  That's probably not going to happen.  So I'm huntin' sandals.  What are your thoughts?    

Happy weekend turkeys!  Do something you love......

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