A Few on Friday

Heeeeeey!  Happy Friday. 

1.  Guys.  Your fabric suggestions rocked!! I've especially loved getting lost in the ikat section of spoonflower. I'm a-workin' on your poems this weekend.  

2.  You know what else I'm doing this weekend?  Not much. And not driving anywhere for 11 hours.  

3.  Austin.  I loved itLindsey --- it was great.  Look for a what we did, ate, drink, saw, loved post soon. 

4.  So that half marathon is two weeks away from Saturay and I'll be running 14 miles this weekend to get ready for it.  If you'd like, you can donate 14$ to the fundraising site!  And remember, this money goes towards furthering the education of kids in Mississippi and Arkansas and not towards the recovering of my chair.  In fact, the overall goal of $10,000 has been met so that, my friends, is good stuff.      

5. Speaking of running, always looking for pump up tunes.  Any suggestions?  I downloaded these two this week and they have both been lovely in their own way. 
This is just a sampling of how disorganized my jam list is.  I also lurve Manio, Rye Rye, Robyn and the Talking Heads so there you go. 

6.  Speaking of lurveing things, I read my first Vanity Fair on the drive  home from Texas and dang it if I'm not in love.  Truth:  I am very different from the people that go to le Bal des Debutantes  

7.  Who's up for some learning about controlling those uncomfortable, anxiety provoking and just plain weird thoughts?  Me!  Always!  This collection of articles rocks my socks off.  I've used them this week, both personally and professionally with some success.  Check them out here

8.  While you're at it, have you listened to your self talk lately?   

Happy weekend, guys!  Thanks for reading, keep it klassy. 


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  1. le Bal de Debutantes has nothing on the Delta Debutante Ball