Chili Cheese Burgers

Remember that time we grilled those burgers in the oven? And remember that time we made that chili? Well. 
This is that time that we put all of this jazz togetha.  Just like the last time I made these burgers, this meal was born out of necessity.  

What do they say about that necessity?  That she's the mother of invention?   
She is.  She really, really is.

I was going to make a festive pork tenderloin until Brandon claimed he was starving and I discovered that the PT was going to take a reallllly long time to make.  

Fine.  I say.  We'll just have burgers.  

Awesome!  He say.  As he's having a big bite of cold leftover chili. 

Ah-haaaaaa! I say, realizing that the most amazing idea ever has dropped into my lap. 

Well hello, chili cheese burger.  Get in my belly.

That is all, carry on.

Wheat bun (4 pp)
Reduced fat cheese (1 pp)
Oven roasted burger (5 pp)
1/4 cup of tailgate chili (2 pp)

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