Happy Near Year!

Happy happy New Year turkeys!  How was last night?  Do you have a headache?  Are you rested?  Did you shake your tail feather somewhere or were you peacefully in bed by 10?  Either way, hope you enter this New Year with excitement and contentment peace and fresh eyes.  
Sooooo last year I got all sassy and set myself some goals for 2012.  How did I do?  Well lets take a look and see!

1.  Travel More  
Success!!  We went to the mountains and just recently booked our hotel for our trip to Austin.  I would, however, like to see more weekend trips in 2013.

2.  Think more positively. Where your thoughts go, you go.  
Um this one could go either way so I'm going to go air on the side of positivity and say....Success!!  At least I'll say this: I'm more aware of my negative thoughts and am making an effort to redirect them. 

3.  Read more for pleasure.
Um this one could go either way so I'm going to go air on the side of positivity and say....Success! I just finished Life of Pi (which is amazing) and also read The Blueprint to Building Better Girls (which also rocked) and Office Girl (which was real odd, but good).  And I'm sure I read something else and some pointOK so that's not that many.  Well.  Whatever. 
4.  Run a half marathon.
Yes!  Success!  And I didn't die!  It was touch and go there towards the end...but I finished!!

5.  See more live music.
Fail!  Ugh.  Oh well.  Try again next year!

6.  Appreciate what is in front of me.
Success!  See number 2....

7.  Get re-inspired by my career.
Success!!  I've had the wonderful opportunity to start doing more one-on-one counseling with all kinds of different people in all kinds of situations and it has been good stuff.  Also have hit up some pretty sweet workshops.  Therapy.  Heck  yeah.  

8.  Focus more on being healthy / eating healthy food and less on weight. 

I'm going to give myself a fail on this one.  I often fall victim to overly processed "diet" food when I get lazy.  Perhaps 2013 will be the year of the kale for me. 

9.  Have more people over for supper. 
I'd say I did this more.  Success!  If it wasn't for supper it was at least for dips and drinks and such. 
10.  Get better with my camera.
I got better with my light box, does that count? Yes? Success!

11.  Dance.
Hmmm.  I did Zumba for about six months last year so that was a fair amount of dancin'.  No clubs, though.  I say the zumba puts me int the success column on that one!

12.  Unplug.
I got hooked on Instagram so we'll mark this one a big fat FAIL. 

13.  Create more

Nope!  While I did make that quilt and a few baby blankets, I was pretty left brained this year.  

Ok, ok.  Not bad.  So what does 2013 hold?  Hmmmm...we shall see! Looking forward to finding out and for being blessed with another year, that's for damn. 

What we shall also see is if I can meet these goals in 2013:

1.  Make this dressI'm awful about buying patterns and then just staring at them...this will be my year of the Washi!  

2.  Master crow pose.  Ever since I toppled over trying it that night in yoga, I've become obsessed with nailing it.  You probably don't ever want to park your mat next to mine, I might take you down whilst trying to reach this goal.  

3. Skip animal products one day per week.  I kind of came up with this one on a whim last night.  Turns out, I'm going to have to learn to love oatmeal and sweet potatoes... 

Things are getting pretty granola over hereSorry about that.  Moving on. 

4. Take more weekend trips.  Nashville, New Orleans....I got my eye on you both!

5.  Read through the stack of therapy books on my desk during slow times at work instead of wasting my time on Pinterest. 

6.  Practice mindfulness.    

7.   Run the MS River Half Marathon.   

8.  Use my fine china.  Life's just to short to let it sit up there in that cabinet gathering dust.  

What else?  I think that's it.  

Update!  I've thought of two more.  I mean, they are kind of lame but if I don't write things down then I'll forget. 

9.  Keep my Christmas Cactus alive. 

10.  Keep track of how many miles I run this year in my sassy calendar.  

OK now I think that's it.  

Thanks for reading, dear friends.  I hope that 2013 is full of all kinds of good stuff for you!  Cheers!    

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