Mini Myers Briggs and an Ice Day

Hey there!  Are you home on an ice day?  I am.  So far I've drank lots of coffee, had an egg in a piece of toast, made some trash, waited impatiently to learn the fate of our dryer and taken a mini Myers Briggs personality test.  Thanks, Cup of Joe, for this lovely little time suck.  Visit this site to take it for yourself!  In case you are wondering I'm an INFJ, meaning I'm introverted, idealistic and stubborn.  

Shocking said no one ever.  

So there you go!  Take it and tell me...was it spot on? 

I'm off to watch more TV.  Good thing it's so cold outside or my boredom might have led me to do this.... 

Enjoy your day!  Don't do anything you might regret.  Like an at home ombre hair dye job.   

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