The Great Fabric Hunt

What's that old saying?  You always find what you are looking for when you stop looking?  

The perfect relationship.  The perfect job.  

The perfect bedding.  

Yes, folks,  I'm happy to announce it!  After looking feverishly for a few years, I have welcomed new bedding into our home!!

And Brandon.  Brandon has also welcomed new bedding into our home.  Turns out, that Brandon has an opinion on these types of things. 

It all happened when I was wandering the streets of Austin, willing a bus stop to appear.  I got distracted by a West Elm and then double distracted by the sign in the window announcing 20% off all bedding and bath.  Score. 

I drug Brandon back later that afternoon and after a few differences in opinions it was settled...our new bedding was found.
Frayed-Edge Quilt, Twin, Platinum 
There she blows!  Isn't it capitol?  

Sorry.  I'm reading a book set in the 1930s and everything good is "capitol."  Moving on.

In addition to the bed spread and some euro shams, we also picked up these shams:
  Stripe Duvet Cover + Shams- White/Feather Gray 
Of course the bedspread is a size to big and you can see my striped pillows through the shams but who cares, eh?  We got bigger fish to fry...like picking out fabric to recover a chair. 

Now since I'm about as good at decorating as I am at speaking Yiddish...here's where you come in!  What should we do?  I know I want color since there's a lot of gray going on; Brandon has voiced a preference of blues and greens.  I'm also quite cheap so there's always that to consider.  

Give me a suggestion and I'll thank you in poem form.... 


  1. Spoonflower.com

    They have cool patterns in every possible shade and it's not too expensive. Good luck!

    1. yes, this. also there are some great grey+other fun colors at ella rose. what about a brighter cobalt blue for the chair? have fun!

  2. Ooooohhh, I like it.

    Funny you post this b/c I just bought grown up bedding for our room after almost 7 years of marriage. It is exactly what I wanted the first year we were married but I was too cheap to buy it then. I'm turning 30 in March so I decided to gift it to myself. Blue vintage ticking from pottery barn and I love it!

    Good luck with the fabric hunt.

  3. Love this!!! and.... men have opinions on the most random things :)

  4. Ooooh, love it! Oh, and how I heart West Elm. Can't wait to hear details about the Austin trip- I know you guys had a great time- what were your fave spots? Fave food? Fave bar? Tell me, tell me, tell me! :)

  5. calico corner in Memphis (i know - a good drive for you) is having a major sale this saturday through next saturday. awesome fabric. everything 15-75% off.

    also, premier prints fabric has great prices. most everything $9/yd. stores in sherman(tupelo) and germantown and maybe jackson?? but you can buy online too. fun stuff.


  6. http://lsfabrics.com/fabric/journey

    This. Gray, blue, green and graphic. Maybe with a fun orange or bright pink pillow.