Cookbook Club :: February 2013

Hey y'all!  Been a minute since I've told you about CBC.  This month, it was good good stuff.  We've wrapped up Prime Meridian and will be starting Come On In next month.  February was a month of transition, we decided to just pick a recipe from where ever (Internet, cookbook, grandmother, head) and bring that. It was a win.  A total win. 

Lauren and Mary Neff totally owned the apps, bringing Hot Crab Dip (sans the almonds) and Goat Cheese and Artichoke Dip, respectively.  

Win wins (ha!) the award for best on the fly salad; it was a total throw together but it was absolutely the shiz.  It was romaine lettuce, red bell pepper, avocado, shredded Italian cheese, goat cheese, artichoke hearts, black olives, pepperonis and homemade Italian dressing.  Whoa.   
Our side was Spinach Madeline, always an old favorite and courtesy of Loren.  Our main dish was Mediterranean Chicken Packets via Erin and it was one of the tastiest chicken dishes I have had in a while.  

Swayze was in charge of our drink and it was perfection.  Sparkling White Peach Sangria is for sure something that will make an appearance in my life regularly come summer.  I didn't snap a picture of it because I was to busy drinking it.  

Desert was mine this go round and I made chocolate gingersnaps and blueberry pie bars.  Where are the pictures and recipes?  Well, you've going to have to come back next week for those!

Blog cliff hanger.       

February was another successful cookbook club.  Wonderful food with wonderful gals.  Can't wait until next month!


Woohoo!! Wednesday (You're Probably OK Right Now)

OK so I've written on this topic before but decided that it needed to make another appearance.  Why?  Because I used this very skill just a few days ago.  

Picture it.  I'm at the dentist and it's been a minute since my list visit.  Like....a minute.  I'm in an absolute panic and convinced that something, not sure what, horrible is about to happen. Palms are sweaty, shoulders are up around my ears, hygienist looking at me all concerned saying "are you sure you are OK?" Yes yes, I am.  

No, no I'm not.  I'm in this chair, something horrible is about to happen and I'm about to die.  Right?  RIGHT?   

Wait, wait.  Let's spend a little time with our good friend reality testing and work this out.

Have I experienced irreversible trauma at a dentist or in a dental situation?  No.  

Is this really hurting?  No, just a little uncomfortable

Is my hygienist being evil and sadistic right now?  No, she's just trying to get a minute's worth of plaque build up off of my skanky teeth.

Am I going to be in this chair forever?  No.     

Am I in danger right now?  Any bears, terrorist, black widow spiders lurking in the shadows?  No. 

Are my loved ones OK?  Yes.

OK well then I'm probably OK right now.  Breath in, breath out.  Relax those shoulders, relax that back, relax those hands.  It will be over soon. 

The simple reminder of I'm probably OK Right Now is extremely helpful when our body gets confused and interpreters not dangerous situations as dangerous.  

Our bodies go through a change when we get anxious.  That sympathetic nervous system kicks into gear and prepares you to deal with whatever situation we are facing by increasing your heart and lung action, giving you tunnel vision, dilating your pupils, etc;  Anxiety and fear can be extremely helpful when trying to get away from the bear or whatever dangerous situation you find yourself in.  A chair at the dentist office (or running late or misplacing something or having a disagreement with a loved one or not having enough money or falling on your face in front of everyone at a party) is uncomfortable, unpleasant, nerve wracking but it's not dangerous.  You're probably not going to di.  It's common for our bodies / minds to get confused and misread signals.  I also have this theory on how we are all so over stimulated and how that plays into all this but I'll save that one for another day.  


The next time you find yourself in a situation, panicking, ask your self...am I OK right now?  Chances are, you are.  Whatever is going on, it will be over soon.

Take all of the moments of OK-ness that you are given and remember to say Woohoo!   
And just in case you need a reminder that you're probably OK right now, give Justin and Jimmy a little lookey-lou.  
 Did you laugh?  Then you're fine....


Pot Roast Nachos

Have you ever found yourself staring at 8 ziplock containers of pot roast, wondering what in world you are going to do with it? 

Happens to me pretty much most times I make a roast.  It's good for like two meals then I'm over it.  Well.  Thank goodness I'm creative and can make nachos out of anything.  

Yeah.  You read right.  Nachos.  With pot roast.  Bam.    
I have also been known to put pot roast in tacos, in a quesadilla and, obviously, on a sandwich.  It's a meal with endless leftover options.  What's next?  Perhaps a pot pie.  Or a pizza?  Yes.  A pizza.  A pot roast pizza needs to happen.  
Pot Roast Nachos

6 multi grain scoops
1/2 cup of pot roast (try to dodge the potatoes)
1/4 cup of black beans
2 tbl white cheese dip
green onions
1/2 of an avocado, chopped 

Layer all ingredient and serve immediately.  

Serves one
Points plus 15  


Three Pack Roast

Hello all!  Happy Monday!  Hope this post finds you well and geared up for a new week.  I know several hens around the Delta are pretty tired with all of the Junior Auxiliary-ing that went down, I count myself as one of them for sure.  

And maybe you did no Junior Auxilary-ingMaybe you don't even know what I'm talking about.  REGARDLESS.  It's Monday and you might be tired and hunting for quick and painless dinner ideas.  

Or maybe you just got to work.  Maybe you aren't even thinking about dinner and you're just bored and you wanted to see what was going on over here at the Elevator.  Maybe you were thinking "dang!  I wish that girl would post a picture of her hound!"  

If you fall in that last category, then you are in luck!
If you are here for the quick and painless dinner idea then you, too, are in luckWhew you say, I'm sure. 

It's been a while since we've done a trashy crock pot deal; let's do something about that.  This one couldn't be faster, couldn't be easier, would only be trashier if it had a cream of something in it.  

Three Pack Roast
adapted from All Recipes

3 lb roast
1 packet of dry ranch dressing
1 packet of dry Italian dressing
1 packet of brown gravy
3 small red potaoes, chopped
1 onion, sliced

Place the roast in a crock pot, top with potatoes and onions.  In a small bowl, mix the dressings and the gravy with one cup of water.  Pour that jazz over the whole lot.  Cook on low for eight hours.    
Serving size 1/2 cup (Makes 12)
Points plus 6


A Few on Friday

Hey there!  Lots of lists this week on the elevator.  Let's keep going with it.  Here are a few things on this Friday...

1.  Have you questions about pruning your crepe myrtles?  Visit my friend Brantley's blog for a great article with great information, none of which I understand.  NOT because it's not well written or well explained (she's legit, yo) but because I have black thumbs even though I try really really hard not to.  But don't tell anyone as I'm a part of a community garden this summer.  Shhhhh.     

2.  I've decided to jump back on the sewing wagon.  Why?  Because I bought this pattern after realizing that part of the proceeds would go to an Atlanta Lab rescue (not Akita, I know, but a hound is a hound is a hound) for the duration of Lent and I have become a sucker for any type of hound rescue. 
Check out Brownie Gooses' Etsy store and pick yourself up a pattern.  

How fly will Baby Girl A and Sister MK look in these dresses?  Supa fly.  
Buuuut like 1.8 year old and 3.5 year old supa fly, not Curtis Mayfield supa fly.  But I do love that song and hope that you'll crank up your computer volume and sassy dance to it.

3.  I just finished this book
Rules of Civility: A Novel    
Sorry, you can't really click to look inside.  

It was one that I kept putting down and picking up but all in all, it was a lovely read that I give two thumbs up.  It's set in the 1930s, full of snappy language, comparable to The Great Gatsby.  In fact, made me want to dig up my old copy of TGG since I don't really remember it.  

Visit your local bookseller and pick it up!

4.  Speaking of picking things up, who's ready for deviled eggs?  Meeeee!  Here is a good solid Paula Deen recipe.  Or I'm sure you could just ask your mom, grandmother, aunt, etc for their recipe.  As long as they are Southern.  Not sure what the kids up North are doing for deviled eggs.  

Remember, gang, fresh = frustrating so make sure that your eggs have a few days on them to ensure easy peeling.   

Also, if you visit that link for the PD eggs I posted above, you'll learn her extra egg trick AND you'll see how precious a dozen deviled eggs are when nestled on a bed of split peas.  Paula, stop it.  

That's it for me!!  Happy weekend, enjoy yourself and do something awesome!! 


Some Girly Things

I'm a lot of things, a girly girl is not one of them. 

Most days I don't dry my hair and I rarely put on make up.  Speaking of that hair?  It hasn't been cut in a year.  Don't even get me started on my eye brows.  

Now before you go pointing your finger at me and screaming SLOB! you should know that there are a few things that hit my girl chord and make me want to don pink bows in my tresses.  

1.  The Gap 1969 Legging Jean in Indigo Rinse
These are dark enough for me to wear to work (at least in my mind, I'll do it until I get told not to!  Rebel.) and fit like a dream. And they are much, much cheaper than other jeans (Ahem, Citizens, your pricing is rude) on the market.   

A little back story on me and black jeans:  I scored a pair of J Brand black skinnies several years ago on Gilt.  They were kind of the light of my clothing world and I was devastated when the crotch finally blew out.  Srsly.  Tossing them was painful and if the hole wouldn't have been in such an awkward area I probably would have kept on wearing them forever.  These jeans are my replacements for my J Brands.  May they rest....

ALSO.  I'd like that short trench if anyone would like to get me a "hey girl, you're awesome" gift.

2.  Sally Henson Salon Airbrush Leg Make Up
Yeah, those are my thighs.  What up. 

Since if we were giving out derogatory nicknames mine would be "Pinky Legs" this product is a great way to even up skin tone and hide splotches in the winter.  I've got a few par-tays coming up, this will be the great way to up my confidence level when wearing a short, sassy number.  

To use, spray it in your hands and apply it like lotion.  Let it dry completely.  Use some good, moisturizing body lotion to help smooth it out.  I found it at the Greenwood Walgreens and opted for "light glow."

I feel like I've blogged this one before; if so it's completely worth a second mention.  When I do wear make up, this is my favorite!  All Bobbi is awesome, this gel liner is a step up from awesome!  I got it when I was purchasing make up for my wedding and it's my favorite.  A close second is the Rich Color eye shadows.  They are creamy yet powdery and again, awesome. 

4.  Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals
Now, I haven't ordered these yet because the horrible grinding sound coming from my car something tells me that I'm about to have to buy some new brakes BUT I am ordering them.  And soon.  Probably in this almond color but I'd also love to throw caution to the wind and get these:
Too much?  Nah. 

I love a good staple (hence the black jeans and the gel liner) and I feel that these (well, the Almond ones) would fit beautifully as a summer staple. 

Hope you've enjoyed this list! 

Your bushy eye browed, ratty hair friend. 


Woohoo!! Wednesday (Intention)

Due my lack of new recipes and my lurve of processing, I now proclaim Wednesdays to be Woohoo!! Wednesday! 


Why?  Well.  Are you familiar with Melody Beattie?  She's is an author that has written several books over the years about co-dependency, addiction recovery, therapy topic goodness etc ect etc.  I have More Language of Letting Go on my phone and it's a great go to for a pick me up, a group topic, a time passer.  The unofficial topic for the month of February in the book is "say woohoo!" aka throw yourself out there, face your fears, do stuff you don't want to do, grow, fall, change, change again, love, revel in the void etc etc etc. 

Woohoo!! Wednesday is an opportutnity to look at what's going on with more intention, make plans, break plans, try new things, recognize ruts, empty my brain out.  Maybe it will happen every Wednesday, maybe it wont.  Maybe I'll learn something new, maybe I wont.  Maybe you'll learn something new, maybe you wont.  But hell...let's just try!  These types of posts get more hits than the pork chop ones do...this could be fun.  Or random.  Or odd. OR a mixture of all three.




I lurve an intention.  I don't really understand an intention.  Wherps.

I've always heard the term "intention", always thought of it as something that one is meaning to do.  As I research the term more, it seems like less of a future thing and more constant, right now, practice.  Less this is what I want to be, more this is how I'm being.  

As I've gotten into a slightly regular yoga practice, I've had the opportunity to play around with setting an intention and really trying to abide by it but also trying to do something else.  (Because really, you can't just sit around and be calm all day...at some point you have to do something.)  Liiiiike have a calm mind while in plank pose.  Hard when your arms are screeming but nice to have the intention to bring you back to a place of calm.  Does that make sense?  Makes sense in my head.  

Another example:  setting an intention at work for calm (noticing a pattern?).  I'm at  my desk.  I'm cold.  Mind says ugggghhhhhit'ssocoldwhyisitsocoldi'mgoingtobecoldforeverrrr!
Intention kicks in and says hey girl....let's be calm.  Would could promote calm right now?  

Oh yeah, that's better.  Warm me up, calm me down. 


Do you set intentions?  If you'd like more information, visit this article.   

"Naturally, sometimes things go well for you and other times not, but you do not live and die by these endless fluctuations. Your happiness comes from the strength of your internal experience of intention. You become one of those fortunate human beings who know who they are and are independent of our culture's obsession with winning. You still feel sadness, loss, lust, and fear, but you have a means for directly relating to all of these difficult emotions. Therefore, you are not a victim, nor are your happiness and peace of mind dependent on how things are right now."  --Phillip Moffitt




Red Beans and Rice

Has there ever been something that you really really really wanted to get good at but you were too scared to try?

Maybe you've always wanted to go sky diving or learn to salsa dance or grow prize winning tomatoes.  
Or maybe, just maybe, all you wanted to do was get really really good at making red beans and rice. 
Maybe you never tried because maybe you were scared of ham hocks.  Maybe you didn't understand why they abbreviate pieces as "PCS." on the package.  Or maybe you didn't feel like calculating those points because, really, that could get complicated.   
But maybe one day, a combination of a burst of confidence and an intense craving led you to call an expert, consult a few recipes, buy a package of country ham pcs. and do the damn thing. 
Maybe the end result was a pot full of spicy, warm goodness on a Sunday night that had you fist pumping on the flavor train and actually looking forward to left overs. 

Maybe, all of this happened.  

Maybe you should cook a dish this week that you've always wanted to try....and maybe, you should tell me about it! 
Red Beans and Rice

1 lb of Camellia brand kidney beans
12 oz of country ham pieces OR 2 ham hocks (I just used what I could find)
4 tbl butter
1 lb Andouille sausage
2 onions, chopped
2 bell peppers, chopped
3 ribs of celery, chopped
4 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 tbl dried thyme
1 tbl dried oregano
1/2 tsp cayenne
1/2 tsp all spice
8 bay leaves
2 tsp white pepper
2 tsp black pepper
1 tsp chili powder
1 tbl granulated garlic
1 tbl onion powder
1 tbl paprika

Soak your beans over night in enough water to cover them + an inch. 

Take your ham pcs. / hocks and cover them in however much water you covered the beans with + 2 inches.  Boil the water until the ham shreds easily.  Set aside; you can do this the day before if you fancy.  

In a large pot melt the butter over medium high heat.  Add the sausage, cook off until its dark and starting to stick to the bottom.  Set the sausage aside.  Add the onion, bell pepper and celery aka the trinity and cook until soft and starting to stick to the bottom.  Deglaze the bottom of the pan with 1/4 of the ham hock / ham pcs liquid that you made and cook it down.  Repeat this 3 more times making sure to not burn your veggies.  

Drain your red beans and add them to the vegetables.  Add in the garlic, sausage and spices.  At this point, I added a little bit more water...enough to cover ever thing up.  Bring it all to a simmer and cook on medium low for about an hour and a half or until its all creamy.  

Serve with white rice.  

Now, I didn't calculate the points for this one because I figured that would just be real annoying.  When I track this I just guess that it's 15 pp for 1 cup of red beans and rice and 1/2 a cup of white rice.  Why 15?  I have no idea...completely pulled that number out of the air.     


Ethylene, My Ethylene

What was the last song that you loved so much that you listened to it over and over and over again? 

Here's mine: 
Why do I love it?  Well.  It's got a beat that's good to cook to, fold clothes to, drive to.  It makes me think that spring is just around the corner and would be clutch on a fire pit playlist. 

It's also about unrequited redneck love which is, by far, my favorite song topic.  

Thanks to the tall one for sharing the playlist that led to my discovery of this song.  And thanks to Chickey for not objecting when I insisted that we hear it more than a few times over the weekend.   

Ethylene, my Ethylene
My love for you is just obscene
My deer you dress, my fish you clean
But you are nowhere to be seen
My Ethylene.    


A Few on Friday

Hey turkeys!  'Sup?  Happy Friday!  Hope it's a good one so far.  Here are a few things:

1.  Walking a hound on a rainy winter day requires lots of gear.  And Mardi Gras beads.
Whenever I put those necklaces on him (or whenever I put anything on him that isn't his leash) he pins those ears back.  What say you dog whisperers about that?  You probably say "stop putting stuff on your 126 pound akita, dude...."

2.  What do you call cheese fries that aren't yours?
Nacho Cheese Fries. 


Yes, that happened.  And it can happen for you!  Go to your favorite neighborhood bar and grill and order some macho nachos BUT tell them you want french fries instead of chips.  Do it.  They'll be so confused but so impressed with your choice of dinner. 

3.  Remember how the other day I posted that post about why I run?  Yeah.  Turns out I forget to mention that another reason that I run is because I like to eat things like nacho fries. 

4.  There might be some festive new additions coming to this blog next week.  Maybe.  We shall see. 

5.  I'm having a major taste for red beans and rice!!  Do you have a recipe that you love?  The ones that I have tried in the past have been OK but nothing that I'm falling over myself for.  I'll probably just get a box of Zatarains and add in some sausage because that's the kind of girl I'm turning into.   

6.  Do you get those emails where you're like ermagerd why am i on this list?  Well don't ever unsubscribe from those emails because when you do you miss information like this:

Well, hello, yes, thank you, I'm going.  I am through being cool and totally OK with admitting my undying love for Beyonce.  She's gotten me through many a boring car ride and long run and if I got to be someone else for one day, I'd totally be one of her back up dancers. 

Send me good luck at 10 am while I pounce all over ticket master for tickets....

Happy day, friends.  Take care this weekend, do fun things with fun people!!   


Happy Valentines Day + Larabars

Happy Valentines Day!  How are you celebrating?  Me, I'm celebrating by not consuming animal products, wearing an outfit that could turn into a yoga outfit with the removal of two items and putting together a Junior Auxiliary deposit.  All of this is dead sexy, I know, but my mister and I celebrated last night by eating Mai Little China take out and chocolate.  Big Browne even had himself some fried rice, it seemed like it was the best day of his life.   

Wait.  Is wine vegan?  If it is, I might go have a glass tonight.  That should make the putting together of the JA deposit extra flashy.  It's gotta be vegan.  If there is somehow animal products in wine then, well, that's not cool.    

In food news, I've been enjoying Larabars this week.
Why?  Because they are vegan and easy and portable and can live in my desk.  They taste pretty good and are full of protein.  Never get empty, that's what I always say, protein helps with that!  This particular peanut butter cookie bar is 6 pp.  

Again, kids, Happy Valentines Day!  Remember......
i heart you card 
find it here


Kind of Migas

Can we just start eating tortillas with everything?  Or, I guess this doesn't have to be a "we" thing.  I guess it can just be a "me" thing. 

Me.  Like migas.  Like eggs and tortillas


Don't you love that word association game? 

Like I just looked atop my computer tower and saw the stuffed blue bear that a client gave me and...... 

Bear.  Rug.  I need to vacuum

You try a few:




What did you come up with?  Frame made me automatically think of Who Framed Roger Rabbit which made me think of Washington School Harvest Fun which made me think of catfish which made me think of that strange documentary.  Then I had to just stop.    


Go make migas!  They make me pine for Austin..... 
Kind of Migas

1 egg
1 flour tortilla, cut up
1/4 cup of black beans
1 slice of ultra thin cheddar cheese
salsa verde
bell peppers

Spray a  medium skillet with cooking spray, heat to medium heat.  Add in the onions, peppers and tortilla; saute until starting to soften.  Add in the black beans, salsa and egg, scramble.  Tear up the cheese and stir that in, too.

Serve immediately. 

Serving size 1
Points plus 6


Marinated Baked Pork Chops

Those of you that have a vent-a-hood have no idea how lucky you are.  

That may sound dramatic but I'm being serious.  I can't really fry anything up in our rental house because of our lack of vent-a-hood.  I mean, that's probably not a bad thing, who really needs to fry things, but I wish I had the option.  

For example, Monday night's dinner was going to be some panko crusted lightly fried pork chops from the Dinner: A Love Story cookbook.  It was Brandon who gently reminded me of all the times that I'd try to fry things in the past, a situation that usually ended with me frustrated, stomping around the house and flinging doors open.  

Well, I says to him, dejected and loosing hope, what should I do with these chops, then?    

Why don't you just bake them? he says.  

Huh.  Good idea, yo.  

So that's what I did.  The result was an easy and tasty chop that was Brandon AND Big Browne approved.  

One day, ya'll, I'll have a house with a fence and a vent-a-hood and double doors that open up to a patio.  

Marinated Baked Pork Chops
from All Recipes

5 thin bone in pork chops
1 tbl soy sauce
2 tbl vegetable oil
1 tbl worcestershire sauce
2 tbl brown sugar
2 tbl ketchup
1 tsp lemon juice

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. 

Place the chops in a large baking dish, two if need be.  Combine the rest of the ingredients in a small bowl.  Brush half of the sauce over the top of the chops.  Bake for 30 minutes.  Turn the chops over, brush with the remaining sauce and bake for 30 more minutes. 

Serving size 1 pork chop
Points plus 6  

**Spell check not working, that's what's up. 


The MS RIver Half Marathon + Why I Run

I ran the MS River Half Marathon this weekend and I've got the jacked up toes to prove it.  
 Isn't that an odd shot?  I though so.

Not only do I have the jacked up toes, I also have this image forever in my minds eye....and on this blog.
Freaking A, that river is big.  And that bridge is long!  And that water....she looks mighty.  Glad I didn't trip over my jacked up toes and fall in.  

The race route was nice.  A stretch on Highway 82 was tough at times but sanity was saved by the Greenville High marching band.  I may or may not have frantically waved my arms in the air screaming "OHMYGOSHILOVEY'ALL!!" 

The last few miles went through Greenville, past my old neighborhood and down roads that my friends and I used to ride constantly...listening to Matchbox 20, pining and acting grown. 

Since the race was in my hometown, I was lucky to see the familiar faces and hear the cheers of people I've known since I was a wee tot.  My mom, Chick, Brandon and Nanny were around mile 10.5 armed with signs and a golden doodle.  Brandon's sign claimed "I MARRIED A WINNER" (damn, right) and mom's sign, I couldn't really read I think it said something about I AM SO PROUD OF YOU with things underlined multiple times.  

My dad and step mom had a water station at mile 11; friends were stationed at St. James Episcopal Church at around mile 11.5.  

It's good that all these folks were towards the end as towards the end of a half marathon is where you always think that you are going to die.    
I finished the race in 2:24:26, a time of which I'm pretty darn proud.  I didn't meet the goal that I set for myself to finish in 2:16:00 BUT I did meet the goal that I set for myself to not get beaten by whoever won the full marathon. 

HA!  Take that, dude from Poland.  I finished my race before you finished your race.  Barely

Running for two hours and twenty four minutes gives a gal some time to think.  For the most part, I've always been a lone runner. I enjoy the time to reflect, process, pray and practice mindfulness. 
I also enjoy the random thoughts / memories / ideas that pop into my mind while I'm running.  Last Saturday, I passed by King's Daughter's hospital, the spot where I was not only born but also where I worked upon finishing graduate school.  It's also a place where I used to have a Dr. Pepper heavy and a muffin the size of a grapefruit every single morning.  Downtown Greenville is a hot bed of memories as well as it's where I spent a majority of my college career wearing a prairie skirt and trying to turn a train wreck into a picnic.    

Never in 800 million years did I think I'd be running a (second) half marathon.  I was overwhelmed with that sense of beauty and gratitude one gets when they realize how amazing it is that our lives end up exactly how they are supposed to...no matter how wonky the path.  Running, for me, represents making a conscious effort to get from where you are to where you want to be.  Especially on the day of a race...the collective energy of that many people working towards the same thing is super cool!

It's not just about calories burned or races completed but about taking things one step at a time and making more healthy choices than unhealthy choices.  There're amazing runs and horrible ones, sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn't.  It's very zen, very one foot at a time, very mindful.  Distance running is a wonderful way to practice just thinking about where you are, not focusing on what's next.  Thinking about mile 12 at mile 2 doesn't do much good, neither does thinking about next Sunday on Monday. 

Whether Saturday's race was one of the first or one of the last, I'm grateful for the lessons.

I'm also grateful for the excuse to eat a (large) chili and slaw burger from Ginos.  Greenville people,  you know what's up.

What's your thing?  Maybe it's moving or changing jobs or traveling or being honest with yourself or rescuing stray animals or bungee jumping.  Whatever it is...find it, be epic, share your lessons, go.