A Few On Friday


1.  Hearts are heavy in our Delta town after yesterday's layoffs.  Remember, friends, that every little thing is gonna be alright.  Prayers and positive energy to all who have been affected AND to our scrappy little town.  That's what you have to be in the Delta...scrappy

2.  Did you know that scrappy is defined by urban dictionary as "seemingly small and unthreatening but shockingly able to kick your ass and anyone else's." Um.  BAM.  If that's not the delta then I don't know what is....

3.  Upon reading this blog post from Spoonful I deleted the facebook and the twitter app on my iPhone.  Guess what I've missed?? Nothing.

4.  Since deleted the facebook and twitter apps from the phone guess what I've been obsessed with?  Checking out #akita pictures on instagram.

Yes, I am fully aware of how creepy that sounds.  

Moving on.  


6.  Got a few festive things coming up over the next month or so that will require my legs to not be creepy white/pink.  Thinking about picking up a bottle of this.  Anyone tried it? 

7.  I think i'd like an embellished sequin mini skirt. What do you think about this one?  I can't get the image to show up here and I'm just about late for work so I should probably go dry my hair....

Love to you all!  Thanks for reading!  Happy weekend!      

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