A Few on Friday

Hey turkeys!  'Sup?  Happy Friday!  Hope it's a good one so far.  Here are a few things:

1.  Walking a hound on a rainy winter day requires lots of gear.  And Mardi Gras beads.
Whenever I put those necklaces on him (or whenever I put anything on him that isn't his leash) he pins those ears back.  What say you dog whisperers about that?  You probably say "stop putting stuff on your 126 pound akita, dude...."

2.  What do you call cheese fries that aren't yours?
Nacho Cheese Fries. 


Yes, that happened.  And it can happen for you!  Go to your favorite neighborhood bar and grill and order some macho nachos BUT tell them you want french fries instead of chips.  Do it.  They'll be so confused but so impressed with your choice of dinner. 

3.  Remember how the other day I posted that post about why I run?  Yeah.  Turns out I forget to mention that another reason that I run is because I like to eat things like nacho fries. 

4.  There might be some festive new additions coming to this blog next week.  Maybe.  We shall see. 

5.  I'm having a major taste for red beans and rice!!  Do you have a recipe that you love?  The ones that I have tried in the past have been OK but nothing that I'm falling over myself for.  I'll probably just get a box of Zatarains and add in some sausage because that's the kind of girl I'm turning into.   

6.  Do you get those emails where you're like ermagerd why am i on this list?  Well don't ever unsubscribe from those emails because when you do you miss information like this:

Well, hello, yes, thank you, I'm going.  I am through being cool and totally OK with admitting my undying love for Beyonce.  She's gotten me through many a boring car ride and long run and if I got to be someone else for one day, I'd totally be one of her back up dancers. 

Send me good luck at 10 am while I pounce all over ticket master for tickets....

Happy day, friends.  Take care this weekend, do fun things with fun people!!   

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