A Few on Friday

Hey there!  Lots of lists this week on the elevator.  Let's keep going with it.  Here are a few things on this Friday...

1.  Have you questions about pruning your crepe myrtles?  Visit my friend Brantley's blog for a great article with great information, none of which I understand.  NOT because it's not well written or well explained (she's legit, yo) but because I have black thumbs even though I try really really hard not to.  But don't tell anyone as I'm a part of a community garden this summer.  Shhhhh.     

2.  I've decided to jump back on the sewing wagon.  Why?  Because I bought this pattern after realizing that part of the proceeds would go to an Atlanta Lab rescue (not Akita, I know, but a hound is a hound is a hound) for the duration of Lent and I have become a sucker for any type of hound rescue. 
Check out Brownie Gooses' Etsy store and pick yourself up a pattern.  

How fly will Baby Girl A and Sister MK look in these dresses?  Supa fly.  
Buuuut like 1.8 year old and 3.5 year old supa fly, not Curtis Mayfield supa fly.  But I do love that song and hope that you'll crank up your computer volume and sassy dance to it.

3.  I just finished this book
Rules of Civility: A Novel    
Sorry, you can't really click to look inside.  

It was one that I kept putting down and picking up but all in all, it was a lovely read that I give two thumbs up.  It's set in the 1930s, full of snappy language, comparable to The Great Gatsby.  In fact, made me want to dig up my old copy of TGG since I don't really remember it.  

Visit your local bookseller and pick it up!

4.  Speaking of picking things up, who's ready for deviled eggs?  Meeeee!  Here is a good solid Paula Deen recipe.  Or I'm sure you could just ask your mom, grandmother, aunt, etc for their recipe.  As long as they are Southern.  Not sure what the kids up North are doing for deviled eggs.  

Remember, gang, fresh = frustrating so make sure that your eggs have a few days on them to ensure easy peeling.   

Also, if you visit that link for the PD eggs I posted above, you'll learn her extra egg trick AND you'll see how precious a dozen deviled eggs are when nestled on a bed of split peas.  Paula, stop it.  

That's it for me!!  Happy weekend, enjoy yourself and do something awesome!! 

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