Ethylene, My Ethylene

What was the last song that you loved so much that you listened to it over and over and over again? 

Here's mine: 
Why do I love it?  Well.  It's got a beat that's good to cook to, fold clothes to, drive to.  It makes me think that spring is just around the corner and would be clutch on a fire pit playlist. 

It's also about unrequited redneck love which is, by far, my favorite song topic.  

Thanks to the tall one for sharing the playlist that led to my discovery of this song.  And thanks to Chickey for not objecting when I insisted that we hear it more than a few times over the weekend.   

Ethylene, my Ethylene
My love for you is just obscene
My deer you dress, my fish you clean
But you are nowhere to be seen
My Ethylene.    

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