Happy Valentines Day + Larabars

Happy Valentines Day!  How are you celebrating?  Me, I'm celebrating by not consuming animal products, wearing an outfit that could turn into a yoga outfit with the removal of two items and putting together a Junior Auxiliary deposit.  All of this is dead sexy, I know, but my mister and I celebrated last night by eating Mai Little China take out and chocolate.  Big Browne even had himself some fried rice, it seemed like it was the best day of his life.   

Wait.  Is wine vegan?  If it is, I might go have a glass tonight.  That should make the putting together of the JA deposit extra flashy.  It's gotta be vegan.  If there is somehow animal products in wine then, well, that's not cool.    

In food news, I've been enjoying Larabars this week.
Why?  Because they are vegan and easy and portable and can live in my desk.  They taste pretty good and are full of protein.  Never get empty, that's what I always say, protein helps with that!  This particular peanut butter cookie bar is 6 pp.  

Again, kids, Happy Valentines Day!  Remember......
i heart you card 
find it here

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